Jamaica | Mar 2, 2023

More savings at the pumps, but…

Gavin Riley

Gavin Riley / Our Today

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For a second consecutive week, Jamaican motorists will welcome another round of price cuts following the latest update from State-owned refinery Petrojam.

Petrojam, in its closely watched petroleum product index, reduced 87-octane gasolene prices by $2.50. As of today (March 2), 87-octane gasolene closes at a baseline price of J$165.51.

The price reduction was consistent for only 90-octane, automotive diesel and its ultra-low-sulphur diesel counterpart. Meanwhile, pockets will bleed further to cover increased costs for Petrojam’s other commonly sought products.

It is expected that retailers will add their mark-ups to the announced prices.

See breakdown of prices below:

ProductPrice per unit (effective March 2, 2023)Price change (from last week)
Gasolene 87165.51-$2.50 ($168.01)
Gasolene 90$168.98-$3.00 ($171.98)
Auto diesel$200.37-$1.16 ($201.53)
Kerosene$210.29$0.25 ($210.04)
Propane$71.76$1.50 ($70.26)
Butane$81.54$3.02 ($78.52)
ULSD$221.21-$1.05 ($212.26)


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