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JAM | May 29, 2023

Moving from gospel to dancehall, dancehall gospel artiste Pastor Son rebrands as Bin Di Rich with 2 new upcoming dancehall tracks

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From left: Tony Matterhorn, Movado, Bin Di Rich. (Photo: Facebook @Bin Di Rich)

In a significant career move, former dancehall gospel artiste ‘Pastor Son’ has reinvented himself with a new stage name, Bin Di Rich and is poised to captivate audiences with his upcoming releases.

With a series of new dancehall hits on the horizon, Bin Di Rich is poised to captivate audiences once again. One of his upcoming releases features dancehall veteran Tony Matterhorn, who also serves as his road manager.

Born the son of pastors Mr. and Mrs. Brown, Orbin Brown hailed from Palmetto Grove, before moving to Rock River in St. Mary. He grew up in a deeply religious household and began his musical journey in church.

He eventually infused his faith and passion for gospel music with dancehall and reggae elements and entered the music as ‘Pastor Son.’

Former dancehall gospel artiste turned dancehall artiste Bin Di Rich (Photo: Contributed)

The turning point in his musical journey came after the tragic incident when he lost his then three-year-old son Bin Bin. Following the incident, as he sought solace and support from the church during his time of grief, Brown said he faced rejection and was unjustly accused of causing his son’s death due to his musical choice of ‘dancehall gospel.’

Although this rejection has not faltered his faith in God, it did spur his decision to distance himself from the church, gospel and dancehall gospel music.

He then adopted the name Bin Di Rich as homage to his son’s memory.

I am driven by my love for my fans and my late son, Bin Bin. Through my music and business ventures, I am keeping his memory alive.

Bin Di Rich

Bin Di Rich is gearing up to release upcoming tracks such as My Son Die and Rich Team and music videos including a collaboration with Tony Matterhorn, his road manager.

To kickstart his Purpose in Pain summer tour, he will embark on a school tour in June, performing for the youth at high schools across Kingston and St. Catherine.

As the son of a pastor, he was exposed to gospel music from an early age and developed a passion for infusing dancehall and reggae elements into traditional gospel songs.Bin Di Rich, originally known as Pastor Son and hailing from St. Mary, adopted his new name following a heartbreaking experience that every parent fears – the loss of his three-year-old son. At the time, Bin Di Rich had established himself as a prominent figure in the dancehall gospel scene, amassing a substantial following in both the gospel and secular music communities.


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