JAM | Jun 18, 2023

Murder of eight-year-old sparks demands for action

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The Advocates Network (AN) is reeling from shock and grief following the brutal murder of eight-year-old Danielle Rowe.

Rowe was kidnapped, her throat slashed, and her body discarded callously, adding to a disturbing trend of violence against young girls in Jamaica. The country has witnessed a string of horrifying incidents in recent months, leaving the community in despair and demanding immediate action.

As the nation mourns this tragic loss, the AN has expressed its deepest condolences to Danielle’s devastated parents and family. The organisation also highlights the deep-rooted fear that has enveloped girls and women across the country, who rightfully question the government’s failure to protect their safety, particularly that of children.

One week has passed since Danielle’s abduction, and the Advocates Network is urgently calling on all concerned citizens to rally together. They urge individuals to get involved, speak out, protest, volunteer, and most importantly, prioritise the protection of children in the community.

In a united front against such heinous crimes, the AN is now appealing to all Jamaicans to join forces and reclaim their country for themselves and their children. The organisation firmly asserts that no more innocent lives should be sacrificed and emphasises that they will not tolerate such atrocities any longer.

To raise awareness about the escalating violence against women and children, the Advocates Network and its affiliated organisations, No 9-Day Wonder, Adisa Consulting, and The Women’s Media Watch powered by NuvoMedia, have launched a weekly protest movement called Thursday in Black.

The campaign urges everyone to wear black every Thursday, as a symbol of solidarity and to shed light on the pervasive issue of violence plaguing society. The movement is being actively promoted through digital advertising across 26 commercial locations on the island.

Utilising the same digital platforms, the Advocates Network is also seeking public assistance in identifying Danielle’s murderer. They implore citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or information that could aid the police in their investigation.

In addition to immediate action, the Advocates Network has outlined a series of demands for the Jamaican government. First and foremost, they demand a thorough investigation into Danielle’s abduction and murder.

The Advocates Network is now demanding:
1) A robust investigation into Danielle’s abduction and murder;
2) Effective systems in schools to protect our children and teachers;
3) Worthwhile salaries and emoluments for all members of the teaching profession.

The Advocates Network urges all citizens to hold their elected officials accountable for creating concrete crime plans, allocating adequate resources to improve safety and security in schools, and cultivating a teaching profession that instils core values of respect for life, honesty, hard work, and love for the country.


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