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Music fans ‘lick out’ against Shenseea’s new collab with Meg Thee Stallion

Ategie Edwards

Ategie Edwards / Our Today

(Photo: Vulture)

The not-so-subtle new track Lick and its accompanying steamy music video, by Shenseea featuring American rapper Megan Thee Stallion, has landed with a thud on the Internet, garnering what appears to be largely ‘disappointed’ reactions amid its release early this morning (January 21).

The Murda Beatz-produced single, which samples The DJ Flex-produced Put Your Pack In It, features the dancehall and rap divas celebrating in unbridled detail their need for their sexual partners to perform oral sex on them with gusto.

But while fans commenting on YouTube shared their appreciation for both the song and video – with some commending Shenseea for keeping it Caribbean, others saying she deserves a Grammy and a few suggesting this will be her next hit song – most listeners and viewers on Instagram and Twitter were singing a different tune.

(Photo: Instagram @theshaderoom)

One person said on IG: “Same song, different day. Female rap is getting boring.”

A few shared that the song ‘sounded’ better muted while @medardamus said “ban this type of music please”.

Several comments also suggested that there is a fine line between the content of the video and porn.

In the meantime, individuals claiming to be Shenseea’s fans questioned why she has reduced herself to “trash” music.

Arguably lacking lyrical creativity, Lick features the Jamaican delivering an unoriginal and repetitive chorus, along with rather simple and predictable verses.

Megan, in delivering perhaps the high point of the track, maintains a now very familiar rap flow, adding to and echoing the dancehall DJ’s sentiments.

(Photo: Instagram @theshaderoom)

The explicit track is accompanied by an equally risque music video that brings back memories of Jason Derulo’s Swalla, released back in 2016.

The colourful candy and ice-cream/icicle themed music video, like Swalla, commences with the popular Turkey In The Straw ice-cream truck instrumental.

The three minute and five second video begins by introducing the Blessed hitmaker, clad in a white one-piece mesh outfit ,as she smiles toward the camera. We then see the first appearance of Meg Thee Stallion who, like Shenseea, is introduced with her name across the screen.

Rocking eight-inch stilettoes and a neon-yellow wig, Shenseea is then seen making her way across a debit card, in a multi-coloured one piece suit, and even makes an appearance on Megan’s posterior.

Shenseea and Megan The Stallion in new video Lick (Photo: Talkcelnews.com)

The video also includes several dancers atop different flavours of ice-cream, twerking and performing choreographed routines.

In the scenes shared between Shenseea and Megan, the pair are extremely provocative with their girl-on-girl action and exhaustingly overdo the act of sticking out their tongues.

While the song and video may not be her best effort, Shenseea will be hoping that, over time, the track could become infectious and grow to be popular among partygoers (if the pandemic allows).

The single is expected to be part of the Jamaican’s upcoming album, which should be released some time this year.


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