JM | Jun 8, 2021

‘My hardest and best year yet’: Krystal Tomlinson beautifully marks 31st birthday

Gavin Riley

Gavin Riley / Our Today

Krystal Tomlinson stuns for her 31st birthday. (Photo: Domzmedia for Facebook @KrystalATomlinson)

It’s been a trying 12 months for social media personality and political aspirant Krystal Tomlinson, who on marking her 31st birthday, said she remains committed to her life journey.

Tomlinson, in an intimate Facebook post on Tuesday (June 8), seemingly washing ashore after going off course, calls 2021 her “hardest and best year yet”.

The mother of one added that she remains anchored and is sure of her capacity to grow through adversity.

Full caption below: 

“The last year: 

  • tested my balance but I was anchored
  • threw me off course but did not corrupt my divine compass
  • dented my hull but the ship did not sink

I consider this my hardest and best year yet. After 31 revolutions around the sun, I’m sure of my capacity to grow through any hardship. To find my dock in the roughest storm. To get to shore even when it feels like I’ll drown.

The biggest lesson as I mark my 31st year:

I can use any wind to get home. I only need to adjust my sails.

Millions witnessed me endure painful losses and failures.

Some were happy at the thought that I’d drown.

But so many more honoured and loved me through it.

I made it to land…whole, healing, hopeful and with all the courage and faith to set sail once again!

This is…



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