CHN | Mar 9, 2023

Nanying Doctor Farm: Innovation in agricultural greenhouses 

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Tiffany Holman/Our Today Writer

Beijing, China

Nanying Doctor Farm is a company that specialises in agricultural production and is dedicated to providing efficient, environmentally friendly, and intelligent solutions for agricultural production. 

The company recently introduced a new cold-formed steel structure greenhouse that has been developed after years of research and experimentation in the field of agricultural production.

The greenhouse is built using a fully assembled galvanised steel pipe skeleton structure that is connected without welding. This method ensures that the galvanised layer and other anti-corrosion layers on the surface of the structural components are not damaged, therefore extending the service life of the greenhouse structure. The rear wall and front slope are covered with a new type of insulation material, which ensures that the temperature in the greenhouse is not less than seven degrees Celsius at night without additional heating.

The greenhouse is also equipped with an intelligent cloud service system for facility agriculture, which has been developed independently by the team from China Agricultural University. The system includes a smart fertilisation machine, waste liquid bucket, irrigation pipeline, and smart cloud platform, which can accurately control the irrigation time and fertiliser concentration, and greatly reduce labour and agricultural input costs.

Nanying Doctor Farm has a unique strawberry planting method that ensures its strawberries are naturally grown without growth hormones. The company uses soilless cultivation methods for strawberry planting and a dedicated substrate to ensure its strawberries have firm and juicy flesh. The physical pest and weed control methods used by the company minimise the occurrence of pests and diseases, ensuring the health and quality of its strawberries.

The company also uses bees for pollination, providing natural sweetness and sourness for the strawberries.

Nanying Doctor Farm is a completely self-sufficient farm with the highest standards of management, ensuring quality and stable growth throughout the year.

The farm is equipped with a facility agriculture smart cloud service system with fully independent intellectual property rights, which can monitor the environment and water and fertiliser supply in real time.

The intelligent and cloud-based service provided by Nanying Doctor Farm ensures that the growth environment of the strawberries is precisely controlled, making them healthy and delicious. The company’s facility agriculture solution includes automation control systems, environmental monitoring systems, and intelligent irrigation systems, which can realise precision agriculture, soilless cultivation, and other emerging agricultural models, greatly improving agricultural production efficiency.

Nanying Doctor Farm’s new cold-formed steel structure greenhouse and unique strawberry planting method are examples of the company’s commitment to sustainable agricultural systems coexisting harmoniously with nature. The company’s advanced materials and technologies, along with its intelligent and cloud-based service, ensure that its agricultural production solutions are efficient, environmentally friendly, and intelligent.


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