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CHE | Mar 25, 2023

Natalyah breaks new frontier with AI music video for ‘Romantic Hero’

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In her mission to create cultural fusions and to take the musical attributes and dialect of her homeland into international spaces, Trinidad-born, Swiss soca-pop artiste Natalyah has brought forward a new track, ‘Romantic Hero’.

The song’s release comes with an accompanying, artistic and out-of-the-box music video which was created via the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Just in time for the start of spring, the songstress brings a ray of sunshine with the upbeat soca-pop ballad ‘Romantic Hero’. She describes the single as a ‘feel-good Caribbean song with an-old school calypso vibe’ due to its fusion of modern production and authentic island instrumentation such as iron percussions and the steelpan.

In the song’s lyrics, Natalyah refers to her love interest as her ‘flambeau’ which is a torch used as a guiding light as well as the French word for flame. So it’s only appropriate that a fiery international alliance was formed for this track’s production.

Romantic Hero‘ was written by Natalyah and produced by Roger Massimo from B-Note Entertainment in Bern, Switzerland. The song also features the lyrical & vocal contribution of Trinidadian soca singer Brenty of the Melobugz band, a live horn section by Sugar Horns and steelpan played by T&T’s Keisha Codrington.

The Trinidad native who has been influenced by calypso artistes such as Calypso Rose shared on this new release saying, “I was born in Trinidad, so it’s always a pleasure to use instruments from the land of my birth such as irons and the steelpan in my music. I love calypso music and we aimed to create a modern calypso sound on this track especially as I recently signed several of my songs, including Romantic Hero, to a music publishing and licensing company in the US.”

Natalyah, who has previously shot music videos in Trinidad and in London decided on a groundbreaking approach to bringing Romantic Hero’s visuals to life with the use of AI.

She touched on this, sharing, “I thought it would be interesting to create a music video with artificial intelligence and it turned out fantastic and way beyond my expectations. The song has so many musical textures & elements and finally, I am able to capture these facets on video.”

Romantic Hero is featured on Natalyah’s album ‘Badder Than You’ which is available now on all major streaming platforms.


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