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Nation Builders Rock Foundation: Helping youth in need Downtown

Shemar-Leslie Louisy

Shemar-Leslie Louisy / Our Today

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moment from an initiative at the Nation Builders Rock Foundation (Photos: Contributed)

Since 2018, the Nation Builders Rock Foundation, a charitable organisation, has been on a mission to bring assistance to people in need in Downtown Kingston.

Started as the fruit borne from an after-shift conversation among a group of restaurant owners and workers in Downtown Kingston, founders Chad Huslin and Maria Azar began their operations in the back of a vehicle, donating food door-to-door to the homeless in the Matthew’s Lane community. As they developed and came into regulation throughout the year, they eventually obtained a location for their ongoing outreach programmes through a partnership with the Salvation Army Church.

Huslin credits Major Leconte of the Salvation Army as someone who was very willing to assist and make the partnership possible alongside other members from the communities.

moment from an initiative at the Nation Builders Rock Foundation

In 2020, the Foundation was able to assist the homeless, mentally ill, disabled and shut-ins throughout the Covid-19 pandemic period and expanded through partnerships and assistance from supporters overseas to donate to the School of the Blind and the Young Entrepreneurs Association.

Their latest initiative, a series of workshops dubbed the “Small Steps Programme,” is geared towards giving young children between the ages of 9-12 holistic support and guidance to steer them towards positive life paths.

“We firmly believe that education, combined with spiritual and moral guidance, forms the foundation for nurturing future leaders,” says Chad Huslin, reflecting on his roots with Heart Trust, where he received training and certification. Huslin aims to instil the same principles that shaped his journey into the Nation Builders Rock Foundation’s programmes.

moment from an initiative at the Nation Builders Rock Foundation

To achieve its goals, the Nation Builders Rock Foundation is actively seeking support from the community. Dedicated teachers and counsellors are already in place, however they are currently in need of 30 tablets and school furniture to proceed with the educational initiative.

For more information about the Nation Builders Rock Foundation or to contribute to their initiatives, please visit their website at:

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