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Jamaica’s National Energy Policy being reviewed -Vaz

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FILE: Minister of Science, Energy, and Technology, Daryl Vaz

The Ministry of Energy and Technology is in the process of reviewing and updating the National Energy Policy (NEP) with support from international donors.

The statement was made by Daryl Vaz on Wednesday (May 10) during his presentation in the 2023/24 Sectoral Debates in the House of Representatives.

“This process, which began in December 2022, involves stakeholders from the energy sector and will give currency to the goals, objectives and strategies for the overall Policy and related sub-policies that will drive the strategic position for the upcoming decades,” he said.

Minister of Science, Energy, and Technology, Daryl Vaz, delivering his presentation in the 2023/24 Sectoral Debate on Wednesday (May 10).

Vaz noted that the National Energy Policy (2009-2030), which was developed through a collaboration between the Jamaica Labour Party administration and the People’s National Party, “has been a trusted compass to both parties over the past 13 years, during periods of economic upswings and downturns.

He shared that the current global energy ‘trilemma’ requires the government to “balance issues of energy security plus reliability, affordability, and sustainability for all,” adding that the rise in global temperatures has increased the frequency and severity of natural disasters, adding to the complexity and urgency
of implementing affordable low carbon or zero emissions energy solutions.

The minister said that the energy sector has not been adrift and site a few examples indicating how the NEP has charted the course for the investments in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and renewables by establishing targets of 42 per cent for LNG and 20 per cent for renewables in Jamaica’s energy supply mix.

Daryl Vaz

Vaz shared that from 2016 to 2022, the overall LNG energy supply for sectors such as transport, electricity, manufacturing, and other uses improved from 6 per cent to 14 per cent. The electricity sector has seen an astounding increase of natural gas use from 2 per cent to 59 cent. He noted that by using natural gas,
Jamaica has significantly reduced its greenhouse gas emissions.

He also shared that in 2022, the renewable energy target was increased from thirty per cent to an ambitious fifty per cent renewables in the electricity sector mix; and with respect to renewables, despite a moderate one per cent increase at the overall energy level, the electricity sector supply has doubled, and now stands at just below thirteen per cent.

On, what he calls, “the back of this encouraging example of ‘green government’ in action, the review and update of the NEP will take place.

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