JAM | Oct 2, 2023

NCB wins Global Finance’s ‘World’s Best Banks 2023 – The Caribbean region’ honours

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By Al Edwards

It has been a tumultuous year for NCB, and it is now looking to get back on track with a focus on Efficiency, Governance and Customer Service ( EGC).

There is a promise by Executive Chairman Michael Lee Chin to pay a dividend before this year closes out. Long-standing senior executives are no longer with NCB, as it takes on a new managerial and operational approach.

Michael Lee-Chin

But despite it all, NCB still managed to win Global Finance’s award for best bank in Jamaica, 2023.

Global Finance said: “ In Jamaica, National Commercial Bank won our award, due to its increased commitment to financial inclusion through digitalisation, reaching 96 per cent of transactions through electronic channels at the end of the year.”

The prestigious publication noted that this year, Caribbean banks have increased their loan portfolios and are investing in financial inclusion via digitalisation, providing financial support for individual and institutional customers in the economic rebound.

Speaking with Our Today, Lee Chin said: “ We are excited to have been named as one of Global Finance’s best banks in the world. This accolade is a tribute to the over 2,500 staff members who are passionate about being guided by our Northstar, EGC (Efficiency, Governance and Customer Experience).

“We continue to redouble our efforts to truly be the best-in-class in being relevant to our customer’s needs.”



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