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Neko ‘Bootleg Rocstar’ Kelly launching beauty brand RocstarBeauty

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It’s Rocstar season and you better get your skin into it, Henny!

For all those who felt like there was not an inclusive local skincare brand that you can look forward to being a part of and having a relationship with, fashion stylist and creative director Neko Kelly, popularly known as Bootleg Rocstar, is entering the skincare game just in time for summer with his newest brand ‘RocstarBeauty’.

The new line will be officially launched on June 21, exclusively on

The product must-have set includes four key beauty elements – a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, and body lotion.

With persons becoming increasingly focused on achieving the perfect skin, the beauty industry spending in 2020 was valued at US$483 billion, and the annual total is projected to increase to US$716 billion by 2025.

So, why RocstarBeauty? In a candid sit down and chat with the iconic stylist and entrepreneur, Bootleg Rocstar gave Our Today first-hand insight into how the brand was conceptualised.

Our Today (OT): Why Rocstar beauty?

Bootleg Rocstar (BR): Why not RocstarBeauty! Locally the skincare scene is missing a local skincare brand that people can look forward to really being a part of and having a relationship with. There are many outlets and retailers that sell local and international skincare products but I cannot think of a solid devoted Jamaican skincare brand that people can be invested in and feel like their skincare problems are being heard and solved. This is why it is important for me to craft a brand that not only gives amazing results but also a brand that feels like a community. Beauty/skincare has always been something I was invested in since early high school. I was known for annoying people to get into skincare and I would share home remedies I did and got good results from with my friends. Years and years of research, and trial and error, have led me to this moment where I am confident enough to know I can offer the public products that will transform their skin.

OT: As a fashion stylist/icon, how does RocstarBeauty fits into your brand?

BR: Fashion and beauty are parallel universes if you ask me. Your body and how beautiful you think it is or not is the canvas for fashion and is an important aspect of styling. Whether it be you’re working out and you look great or your skin is looking flawless and you are confident, your beauty is an important part of how you decide what fashion looks great on you.

OT: How is RocstarBeauty different from any other beauty brand that exists?

BR: It is a skincare brand that’s inclusive of all skin types and “people types”. Like the slogan states, ‘A celebration of Skin-dividuality’. The brand not only cares about skin solutions, it goes deeper than the pores and penetrates the minds and perspectives of real people who buy the products and who want to see themselves being represented and celebrated. Using already flawless skin models who fit the stereotypical model mold is a false representation of real beauty. RocstarBeauty promotes all versions of beauty and the brand makes it very clear in the various model body types it uses for its campaigns and the use of proper pronouns in captions. It’s skincare that actually cares.

OT: Who is your target audience?

BR: My target audience are people who need healthy, clean, smooth skin.

OT: What is the story behind your brand name?

BR: Story behind the name – The name/word ‘Rocstar’ is a big part of my online and professional branding. It started as my Instagram and it’s now what 80 per cent of my followers call me and know me as. It only made sense that all my business/ brand names are derived from that; I have Rocstar Merch, #StyledToRoc and now RocstarBeauty. For me, ‘Rocstar’ represents a bold way of doing things. It’s rebellious and unapologetic which are all attitudes I employ for my brand values and aesthetics. To have inclusivity you have to go against the norms of beauty and that’s exactly what RocstarBeauty. It’s rebelling against the stereotypical idea of what beauty is, all while operating its most important function of giving people amazing skin.

OT: What’s the shelf life of your brand’s product?

BR: The products last a full year after it is first opened. All the jars have expiration labels on them.

OT: What do you want customers to take away from your beauty brand?

BR: I want customers to know that RocstarBeauty is a skincare brand that actually works! It’s formulated to give customers real effective solutions to their skin issues. I also want people to know that the brand celebrates and appreciates everyone’s personal idea of beauty.


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