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Netflix announces new actors for upcoming live-action ‘Avatar’ series

Shemar-Leslie Louisy

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Arden Cho in Avatar promo photo.(Photo: knightedgemedia.com)

Netflix has finished filming the first season of its highly anticipated live action Avatar television series and announced new actors as part of the cast earlier today (September 27).

The cast includes Teen Wolf‘s Arden Cho, Pitch Perfect‘s Utkarsh Ambudkar, and Star Trek‘s George Takei.

See the full cast below:

From left: Arden Cho as June, Utkarsh Ambudkar as King Bumi, Danny Pudi as the mechanist and Amber Midthunder as Princess Yue.

Previously announced cast members include Gordon Cormier (Aang), Kiawentiio (Katara), Ian Ousley (Sokka), Dallas Liu (Zuko), Elizabeth Yu (Azula), Paul Sun-Hyung Lee (Iroh, Daniel Dae Kim (Fire Lord Ozai), Maria Zhang (Suki), Tamlyn Tomita (Yukari), Yvonne Chapman (Avatar Kyoshi) and Casey Camp-Horinek (Gran Gran).

Gordon Cormier live action actor for Avatar Aang ( Photo: Twitter @Avatarnews_)

Water Tribe

Amber Midthunder (Prey, Roswell) as Princess Yue:
The compassionate spiritual leader of the Northern Water Tribe.

A Martinez (Cowboy Bebop, Ambulance) as Pakku: 
The veteran waterbending master of the Northern Water Tribe and a fierce defender of their traditions.

Irene Bedard (Pocahontas, The Stand) as Yagoda: 
An empathetic healer who serves as a role model for her tribe’s female waterbenders. 

Joel Oulette (Trickster, Ruby and the Well) as Hahn: 
A strong and skilled warrior with an unwavering loyalty to his tribe. 

Nathaniel Arcand (Heartland, FBI: Most Wanted) as Chief Arnook: 
Father to Princess Yue and the respected leader of their tribe.

Meegwun Fairbrother (Burden of Truth, Mohawk Girls) as Avatar Kuruk: 
A previous Avatar with a haunted past. 

Earth Kingdom

Arden Cho as June:  A tough and persistent bounty hunter known for her ruthless efficiency. 

Utkarsh Ambudka as King Bumi: 
The ancient and mercurial ruler of the Earth Kingdom city of Omashu.

Danny Pudi as the Mechanist: 
An eccentric inventor and engineer who’s doing his best to raise his son in a war-torn world. 

Lucian-River Chauhan (Encounter, Heartland) as Teo: 
The idealistic and high-flying son of the Mechanist.

James Sie as the Cabbage Merchant: 

James Sie – The Cabbage Merchant (Photo: Imdb.com)

Fire Nation

Momona Tamada (Secret Headquarters, One: Thunder God’s Tale) as Ty Lee: 
An energetic and upbeat teen and one of Princess Azula’s best friends. 

Thalia Tran (Raya and the Last Dragon, Little) as Mai: 
An unflappable and deadpan teen who, along with Ty Lee, is one of Princess Azula’s closest allies.

Ruy Iskandar (Yes Day, Benders) as Lt. Jee: 
The first officer of Prince Zuko’s ship. 

Hiro Kanagawa (Altered Carbon, The Man in the High Castle) as Fire Lord Sozin: 
A ruthless and ambitious previous ruler of the Fire Nation and grandfather of Fire Lord Ozai.

C.S. Lee as Avatar Roku: 
A wise and benevolent past Avatar from the Fire Nation.  

C.S. Lee (Photo: Wikipedia.com)

François Chau (The Expanse, American Gigolo) as The Great Sage: 
The venerated spiritual leader of the Fire Nation and guardian of Avatar Roku’s shrine. 

Ryan Mah as Lt Dang: Commander Zhao’s second-in-command. 

Spirit World

George Takei (Star Trek, Resident Alienas the voice of Koh the facestealer

George Takei (Photo By: Dee Cercone)

Randall Duk Kim (the voice of Master Oogway the turtle in Kung Fu Panda) as the voice of Wan Shi Tong from Wan Shi Tong’s Library.


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