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New Jersey Jerk Fest: A ‘mecca’ for jerk enthusiasts

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Organisers of the New Jersey Jerk Festival are promising a fun-filled family event celebrating the vibrant cultures of the Caribbean.

Lead planners Legends Events Production and Hans Objective Services say the festival will allow patrons to immerse themselves in the unique culture of the Caribbean through entertainment, food, art, and more.

Slated for May 26 at Boyd Park in New Brunswick, the event aims to bring together members of the Jamaican diaspora and residents of the tri-state area.

“This year’s NJ Jerk Fest is poised to be an electrifying carnival of flavours and fellowship! We’re crafting an oasis where families across New Jersey can revel in the sizzle of jerk cuisine, right in their backyard,” Mike Pierre, co-founder of NJ Jerk Festival, explained. 

“We are providing a sanctuary of joy: children frolicking, grills ablaze, and a palpable current of love weaving through the air. We’re curating an experience that resonates with the soulful mantra of ‘vibes on vibes on vibes,’ captivating every patron, performer, and passer-by. We’re nurturing a movement,” he added.

Drawing comparisons with Coachella, the organiser said NJ Jerk Fest will serve up a twist of spice and smoke, adding that it’s “on a trajectory to become the mecca of jerk food enthusiasts. 

“A symphony of taste, rhythm, and community awaits,” Pierre stated.

The organisers are anticipating over 2000 in attendees and some 30-plus vendors at the event, which will feature live performances, delicious jerk cuisine, vibrant art displays, and interactive cultural experiences. 

The festival will also serve to promote local businesses, providing opportunities for commerce and collaboration within the community.

“It is anticipated that the New Jersey Jerk Fest will be the prevalent Caribbean festival in New Jersey. Due to ‘Jerk’s’ widespread appeal among the diverse and vibrant populace of the New Jersey area, it has a broad general market appeal,” Osae Hanson, the other co-founder outlined.

While primary jerk options such as pork and chicken will be available, there will also be non-traditional offerings like lobster, oxtail, and goat.


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