USA | Jan 14, 2022

New Proud Family is louder and prouder than ever!

Juanique Tennant

Juanique Tennant / Our Today


Yet another early 2000s television favourite will be making its return to the screen and let’s just say they’ll be louder and prouder than ever!

Following a Disney+ 2020 confirmation that it would be launching a Proud Family reboot titled The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, the streaming service on Friday (January 14) released a new trailer ahead of the animated series’ February 23 premiere.

In the newly released trailer which sees all original cast members return to reprise their roles, the animated Proud Family bunch are shown keeping up their usual shenanigans, albeit in a more stylised fashion.

Oscar Proud, played by Tommy Davidson, remains keen on preventing his eldest daughter Penny (Kyla Pratt) from growing up too fast and in particular when it comes to her increased interest in boys.

Well accustomed to her father’s overprotectiveness, Penny turns to her mother, Trudy Proud (Paula Jai Parker), to talk some sense into him and “make Oscar stop”.

The highly anticipated series return will see Bruce W. Smith and Ralph Farquhar, who led the original animated Disney Channel series, return as executive producers, along with Calvin Brown, Jr. who is co-executive producer and story editor.

The series reboot comes 17 years after the original Proud Family ended on the Disney Channel in 2005 after three seasons. The popular show had debuted in 2001.


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