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Neyo praises Vybz Kartel for ‘Ramping Shop’s sample of ‘Miss Independent’

Ategie Edwards

Ategie Edwards / Our Today

Neyo (Photo: Rolling Stone)

In a recent interview on the popular Drink Champs podcast, R&B singer Neyo praised incarcerated Jamaican dancehall DJ Vybz Kartel, for the Billboard Chart-reaching Ramping Shop, which heavily sampled the American hitmaker’s single, Miss Independent.

Speaking with hosts N.O.R.E and DJ EFM, Neyo, whose real name is Shaffer Smith, explained that Kartel created a much different “vibe and essence” from his 2008 track.

Vybz Kartel (Photo: The Fader)

Collaborating with fellow dancehall DJ Spice, Kartel a year after the release of Miss Independent dropped Ramping Shop, the hit regarded as the Spice’s breakout song.

Giving the entertainer love for his craftsmanship, Neyo noted that, even before he could give the Ramping Shop the green light, the “streets” had already done so.

“I didn’t not clear. The streets cleared it right away which made it virtually impossible for me to not clear it even if I was thinking about not clearing which, by the way, I was never thinking about not clearing it,” he said.

The Closer singer added that, on being presented with the concept of Kartel and what he had done with the track, he had no issues.

Spice (Photo: Instagram @spice)

“First and foremost, before the song was presented to me, the concept of Vybz Kartel and who he was was presented to me, like, ‘This is that dude. Oh, and by the way, he did this with your song.’ It was presented to me like that,” he said.

Continuing, he added: “So, I’m like ‘So what are we talking about right now? Of course it’s fine! Why would I have a problem with this?'”

The famed songwriter noted that even today, when performing the 2008 hit, he highlights the Clarks DJ.

“To this day, I can’t be over there and perform Miss Independent without giving props to what the f*&k he did.”


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