JAM | Jun 5, 2023

NHF to Plant 20,000 Trees for 20th Anniversary

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The National Health Fund (NHF) is gearing up to launch a massive tree-planting project as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The organisation aims to plant 20,000 trees across the island to promote environmental health and sustainability.

The official launch of the tree-planting initiative will take place at the Drug Serv, Greater Portmore Health Centre on Tuesday (June 6), starting at 9:30 a.m. Matthew Samuda, minister with responsibility for the environment, will deliver the main address, highlighting the importance of this project.

Everton Anderson, CD, JP, chief executive officer at the National Health Fund,

Everton Anderson, the CEO of NHF, who emphasised the positive impact that tree-planting can have on both the environment and human health said:

“The NHF recognises that tree-planting can have a positive impact on our health as trees play a vital role in the environment, absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen that helps to improve air quality – a factor directly linked to respiratory health. We believe that as an organisation we have a responsibility to take action that can improve our health as well as the environment, and we are proud to do our part through this initiative.”

To achieve the goal of planting 20,000 trees, the NHF will collaborate with various stakeholders, including clients, staff, suppliers, schools, churches, non-governmental organisations, and health partners. Ornamental seedlings will be distributed free of cost at various locations across the island. The Forestry Department is providing these seedlings in support of the project.

In addition to the tree-planting project, the NHF has also embarked on a solar system project to reduce its carbon footprint. The organisation has identified three NHF locations that require an alternate power supply. The Drug Serv Pharmacy at the Greater Portmore Health Centre is the first location where a solar system has been installed. This effort reflects the NHF’s commitment to a sustainable future for generations to come.


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