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No compromise: Red Stripe good attitudes during Global Safety Week

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It’s time for the chemical race! Red Stripe employees hurried to get clothed in the most appropriate protective gear for working with chemicals during the Red Stripe Safety Olympics that was held on Friday, April 28, 2023, as part of Global Safety Week. (Photo: Contributed)

Reinforcing a culture of health and safety was at the heart of Red Stripe’s recent week-long celebration of Global Safety Week. 

Held under the theme “Because we care, I don’t compromise safety”, the company celebrated with a series of exciting events, including a 3-day ’Hazard Hunt’ challenge, the first official Red Stripe ‘Safety Olympics’, a team karaoke session and relaxing spa treatments for staff.

“Commemorating Global Safety Week and Global Safety Day is extremely significant here at Red Stripe. It helps to create a safer and healthier workplace, improve employee morale and productivity, and ensure compliance with legal obligations. The more aware our staff members are, the more safety-conscious they will be in the workplace, with fewer accidents and injuries, less absenteeism and a stronger safety culture within the organisation,” said Red Stripe safety, health and environment manager Veronica Benain. 

This can be a safety hazard! Red Stripe safety, health and environment manager, Veronica Benain (right) speaks with Red Stripe human resources business partner, Sandra Bingham (left) as they participated in the Hazard Hunt. (Photo: Contributed)

Red Stripe kick-started Global Safety Week with a message from managing director Luis Prata, who highlighted the need to continue in the behaviours that have contributed to Red Stripe’s high safety standards and track record of low incidents.

In recognition of the importance of relaxation and stress relief to operating optimally, Red Stripe then treated staff to a Spa session featuring barbering, massages, pedicures, manicures and facials.

The staff then engaged in a three-day Hazard Hunt during which department managers guided their team to identify and remedy unsafe conditions within their workspace.

The week ended with an exciting Safety Olympics and karaoke session.

Throughout the week, Red Stripe staff members were provided with  information about health and safety to strengthen existing knowledge and debunk misconceptions. Health and environment experts also encouraged employees to engage them with questions or for assistance in resolving health and safety concerns. 

Let’s play hazard tag! Filled with energy and excitement, Red Stripe employees raced to the judges after completing the hazard quiz with their respective teams. The first official Red Stripe Safety Olympics was held on Friday, April 28, 2023, as part of Global Safety Week. (Photo: Contributed)

“Beyond just raising awareness of the importance of workplace safety and health among employees and contractors, educating employees and contractors on safety protocols and procedures to reduce accidents and injuries, the week’s activities served also to improve employee morale and job satisfaction, as workers feel that we are invested in their well-being,” Benain explained.

“In the long term, this focus on health and safety will also enhance productivity, as employees are less likely to be absent due to work-related injuries or illnesses. We also firmly believe that a health and safety week encourages employee participation in safety initiatives and programs, leading to a stronger safety culture within the organisation,” she asserted further.


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