Jamaica | Mar 7, 2023

NPTAJ wants swift action to resolve wage issues

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The National Parent Teacher’s Association of Jamaica (NPTAJ) is pushing for the amicable resolution to current wage negotiations that are being protested by many teachers across the island.

Teachers island wide have staged sickouts and other forms of peaceful protest as they demand livable wages from the Government.

Among the schools that have been impacted by this issue are the  St Elizabeth Technical High School and Maggotty High.

According to the angry educators, the Jamaica Teacher’s Association (JTA) has advocated poorly on their behalf and they are demanding an increase in wages.

Dr Nigel Clarke, minister of finance and the public service

“The NPTAJ acknowledges the need of our teachers to be adequately compensated, in these financially difficult times for most Jamaicans. We acknowledge the great value of our teachers, as they influence the nation and its future growth, through the education of our children,” the NPTAJ said in a release on Monday (March 6).

“What quality education system do we as parents, as a nation, want for our children? And how do we retain and attract quality teachers to achieve that objective? We must protect our children’s future, and that is through quality education,” it added.

Responding to the demands of the teachers, Dr Nigel Clarke, minister of finance and the public service that budget adjustments have been made, which saw $4.3 billion being added to compensate workers for the fiscal year which ends March 31.

However, the teachers and other members of the public service, inclusive of doctors and police officers have refused to sign the new compensation agreement until they have an improved offer from the Government.


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