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Ocho Rios Port set for ‘multipurpose’ upgrade this year

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The criuse pier, Ocho Rios coastline and the city port (far right) in St Ann, Jamaica. (Photo:

Jamaica Bauxite Mining Limited (JBM), the managers and operators of the Ocho Rios Port in St Ann, says it is looking to commence work to upgrade the facility during the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

According to documents published in the 2021/22 Public Bodies Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure, the JBM noted the exercise will serve to enhance the port’s business activities while maximising revenue.

The renovation will result in the establishment of a multipurpose facility—allowing for continued loading and shipment of limestone and sugar as well as a greater volume of and larger-in-size cruise ships.

The commitment forms part of JBM’s efforts to continue stakeholder collaborations in 2021 to promote responsible mining practices and speedy restoration of mined lands, all aimed at preserving the environment.

JBM’s non-bauxite activities are concentrated at the Lydford Estate in St Ann.

These include operation of the Ocho Rios port for the shipment of sugar, limestone and the servicing of cruise vessels as well as the management of the Reynolds Pier and the rental of properties.

The entity, which falls under the Ministry of Transport and Mining, forecasts a net surplus of $85.27 million.

Photo: Jamaica Information Service

Meanwhile, the Jamaica Bauxite Institute (JBI) will, this year, focus on facilitating mining stakeholders in accessing bauxite reserves, while ensuring the rationalisation of these and full compliance with the governing regulations.

The details, as outlined in the Public Bodies Estimates, are consistent with the JBI’s plans to maintain its stakeholder partnerships as it seeks to execute its mandate of monitoring the bauxite and alumina industry.

The document indicates that to achieve the targeted objectives, the JBI will pilot rationalisation of the use of bauxite lands through prudent management and protection of these resources, compliance with established rehabilitation standards, and safeguarding the welfare of communities and residents affected by mining and alumina processing.

Additionally, the institute will monitor bauxite and alumina refineries to ensure efficiency and full compliance with agreements and the relevant environmental regulations.

The entity projects $255.69 million in budgetary support from the Capital Development Fund to support its operations.

The JBI, which also falls under the mining ministry, was established by the Government as a regulatory, planning and development agency, mandated to manage sovereign aspects of successive administrations’ participation in the bauxite/alumina industry.

Photo: Jamaica Information Service

Its functions also include providing technical advice and personnel for negotiation of various agreements; undertaking research and development activities on various matters relating to the processing of Jamaican bauxite and alumina; and monitoring and making recommendations to ensure adequate pollution controls and other environmental programmes in the industry.

The JBM, which was incorporated as a limited liability company, holds 51 per cent equity, on behalf of the Government, in the operations of Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Partners in St. Ann.

Ownership of the 49 per cent shareholding, previously held by Noranda, was passed to New Day Aluminium in 2016.


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