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One On One Educational Services to launch innovative AI assistant

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This technology set to generate significant revenue locally and internationally

Ricardo Allen, CEO and President of One on One

Durrant Pate/ Contributor

Jamaican educational technology (Ed-Tech) company, One on One Educational Services is going big on artificial intelligence (AI)and has developed its own personalized assistant.

Named Una, the One on One Educational Services personalized AI assistant is now being tested with a major announcement on Una to be made during the company’s third quarter, which starts next month.

 During the February 2023 second quarter One on One Educational Services research and development team focused on recent advancements in Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and Google’s Bart. 

These advances have accelerated the company’s AI initiatives such as the development of Una. Commenting on the development of Una, the management says, “we expect this technology to generate significant revenue for us locally, regionally and internationally, whilst highlighting its investments in AI.

Significant growth in divisions

During the second quarter, the company experienced significant growth in its various divisions and is optimistic about the outlook for the current third quarter. “Our investments in people, systems, content development, and AI have positioned us well to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the Ed-Tech space,” the management wrote in its report to shareholders.

In addition, One on One Educational Services continues its heavy investments in products and inventory throughout the February quarter, “ramping up our recurring revenue generation capacity for new initiatives launching in the Q3 and Q4. Our increased inventory, content development capacity, and product investments such as One Academy are crucial for driving sustainable recurring revenues, scalability, and profitability in the coming months.”

As the Ed-Tech company moves into its third quarter it is also optimistic about the growth and opportunities across all other divisions, in particular the launch of its One Academy and the continued expansion of its government and business divisions, which will drive performance in Q3. 

Additionally, One on One Educational Services investments in people, systems, content development, and AI will continue to yield results as the company positions as a regional and global leader in the Ed-Tech space.

Two major initiatives in Q3

During this quarter  the company has been focused on two major initiatives. The first is the rebranding of its B2C product to prepare for launch, which requires significant attention and resources. 

Secondly, it is currently in the product development phase of a new initiative that involves acquiring a physical location for building out studio space for content development. Overall, these are exciting projects that have the potential to drive growth and innovation for the company.

One On One Educational Services principal activities are the provision of personlized online learning solutions and off-the-shelf content. The company became listed on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange on 1 September 2022.


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