JM | Nov 30, 2021

Oops! Foota Hype loses Instagram page & 200K followers after anti-LGBT spat with Spice

Gavin Riley

Gavin Riley / Our Today

(Photo: Facebook @SpiceOfficial | Instagram @FootaHypeMusic)

Days of heated exchanges between Foota Hype and Grammy-nominated vixen Spice have seemingly culminated in the dancehall disc jock-turned-artiste getting his Instagram page permanently deleted. 

Foota Hype, initially returning to Instagram after a brief suspension, had his page removed by the Meta-owned company, checks by Our Today revealed on Tuesday (November 30).

The DJ, born Oneil Thomas, made a Sunday post via his Gyallis Wednesdayz page that perhaps, repeated flagging of the @footahypemusic username by Spice’s fans most likely prompted the ‘permaban’.

Foota Hype has been at odds with Spice over her headlining the 2022 staging of Toronto Pride next June.  

“The next page gone enuh people. Instagram finally dismantle it completely ‘cuz obviously, they keep reporting it, Instagram jus’ lock it completely,” he began.

“We still here, yuh zimi? Dem just cyah stand me a post all these great achievements; travelling all over America, [expletive deleted] up the place. Is not only Foota talk too much, they don’t want my greatness televised,” the DJ continued.

The 39-year-old assured that setback aside, he would still remain the “same Foota, same general”, adding that he would rebuild his now-splintered fan base.

Checks to locate Foota Hype’s once-popular main page, @footahypemusic, have not been successful with the Meta-owned Instagram confirming the account has been deleted. (Photo: Instagram @FootaHypeMusic)

The unceremonious loss of Foota Hype’s page, which reached a peak of some 200,000 followers, comes nearly two weeks after he appealed to Spice to ‘do the right thing’ and cancel her Toronto Pride performance. 

In his posts at the time, he claimed that Spice was seemingly all too eager to “destroy dancehall morality” by pleasing her insecurities. 

Even as he professed his admiration for the Graci Noir entrepreneur, Foota Hype argued that Spice has not gotten the respect she deserves from the international market. 

In response, Spice first took to Instagram Live to urge the DJ to delete the disparaging comments. 

Wading into the fiery debate on November 19, Spice slammed her detractors for being ‘selective’ in their so-called stance to uphold Jamaican morals and values. 

Firing back, Foota Hype contended that the 24-hour deadline imposed by Spice was too long and that she should “spill the tea” he had on him, which she obliged. 

The Frenz diva, ending the exchange, made Foota a daring proposition that if he graciously returns his US visa she would cancel her performance. 


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