JAM | May 9, 2023

Opposition expresses concern about delayed grants to schools

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Opposition Spokesperson on Education, Senator Damion Crawford.

Opposition Spokesperson on Education, Senator Damion Crawford, has expressed concerns over the Government’s delay in disbursing grants to schools, saying this “could lead to financial collapse.”

The Opposition Spokesperson noted that several schools across the country are on the brink of financial embarrassment due to the Government’s delay, which have been late by three to four weeks in some cases.

“This delay has caused significant distress to school administrators, teachers, and students, who are struggling to keep the schools operational,” Crawford said.

Education Minister Fayval Williams.

He also noted that the Government and the leadership of the Ministry of Education have come under scrutiny for their incompetence which resulted in this crisis.

Crawford said it is unacceptable that schools have to face such dire financial straits due to the Government’s lack of action.

“Schools rely heavily on grants from the Government to cover many important costs. “The delay in disbursing these funds has left many schools unable to pay their bills, leaving them in a precarious financial situation,” he added.  


“Furthermore, the timing of this delay is particularly concerning, given that it coincides with the external examination preparation period which has put further financial strain on schools. Without immediate intervention from the Government, some schools are threatening to close their doors, leaving thousands of students affected,” Crawford said.

He said the Government must take urgent action to resolve the issue and ensure that schools receive the financial support they need to continue operating. “Failure to do so will have a devastating impact on the education system and the future of our nation.”

With this, Crawford is calling on the Government to prioritise the welfare of our schools and to ensure that their grants are disbursed promptly and efficiently.


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