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OT Jamaica Top 10 | Teejay prays for guidance in trending song ‘Lonely Road’

Tamoy Ashman

Tamoy Ashman / Our Today

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Dancehall artiste Teejay has made a plea to God to protect him from the vampires of the world who seek to hurt him in new trending song Lonely Road.

Throughout the music video, the 29-year-old recaps his life journey from a struggling man to an artiste who now lives a luxurious life. He shares that it was a lonely road to success, but he is grateful for the blessings that he has received.

While the money and fame has its perks, the artiste shares that he is now surrounded by people who are trying to hurt him and he needs guidance and protection.

(WARNING! Some songs may contain explicit lyrics)

10. 10Tik, Spragga Benz – Badness A Badness

Release date: February 17, 2023

Genre: Dancehall

Synopsis: The duo say that they will inflict violence on anyone who dares to stand against them, noting that they are always armed and prepared.

9. Teejay – Lonely Road

Release date: February 15, 2023

Genre: Dancehall

Synopsis: Teejay shares that he is surrounded by a lot of people who are trying to hurt him. Because of this he is asking God for his protection.

8. Valiant – Weh She Love

Release date: February 3, 2023

Genre: Dancehall

Synopsis: Valiant states that women often go for ‘bad men’. He claims that if a guy is too nice then a woman will refuse to commit to him or have a relationship with him.

7. Ishawna – New Child

Release date: February 17, 2023

Genre: Dancehall

Synopsis: After a relationship that ended due to infidelity, Ishawna shares that she feels like a new child, finally free from the limitations of her past relationship.

6. Kraff – IMMORTAL

Release date: February 5, 2023

Genre: Dancehall

Synopsis: Kraff expresses that he has no desire to be considered an angel or live a pure life. Instead, he states he is highly consumed by the demonic lifestyle and wishes for it to remain that way.

5. Skeng – Elvis Presley

Release date: February 13, 2023

Genre: Dancehall

Synopsis: In the recently released single by Skeng, he is heard declaring himself the dancehall Elvis Presley.

4. Malie – Caucasian

Release date: February 14, 2023

Genre: Dancehall

Synopsis: Malie speaks about his sexual desires while also boasting about his violent persona.

3. Chronic Law – A Solemn Request

Release date: February 2, 2023

Genre: Dancehall

Synopsis: Chronic Law shares that he often relies on his gun to keep him safe because he is surrounded by deceitful people who could strike at any time.

He then requests God’s protection as he ventures on his violent quests.

2. Valiant – Lover Boy

Release date: February 14, 2023

Genre: Dancehall

Synopsis: In a twist on his usual violent expression, the dancehall artiste shows his softer side in the song, expressing his love for his partner.

1. Masicka, Jahshii – Pieces

Release date: February 14, 2023

Genre: Dancehall

Synopsis: The duo express that they are warriors who will never stop fighting.

They note that they are surrounded by people who will kill them and have often betrayed them. But they are not fearful and will continue to pick up the pieces of the puzzle of life.


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