JM | Nov 6, 2020

Our Today poll: Most Jamaicans thought Biden would win

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US President Donald Trump (left) and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

In the lead up to November 3, four out of five Jamaicans revealed that they believed Joe Biden would become the next president of the United States, a result which three days later now appears almost inevitable.

The poll, which ran from November 1 to Election Day, saw 80 per cent of voters going with Biden and just 20 per cent picking Trump.

Trump is currently trailing in Electoral College votes with 213 to Biden’s 253.

Biden, who just needs 17 Electoral College votes to meet the 270 target, this morning overtook Trump in Pennsylvania with 20 votes at stake.

But even if Trump was able to regain the ascendancy there, his path to victory would remain almost impossible.

Among all four states still in the offing – Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada – Trump is rapidly falling behind, but needs to win at least three, including Pennsylvania, to retain the presidency.

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