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JM | Aug 14, 2021

Party promoters, thank you for condemning us all

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Dream Weekend (Photo: Skkan Media Entertainment)

This is addressed to all the party promoters who continue to flout the laws of Jamaica:

I don’t think I need to name you because the social media videos over the Emancipation / Independence week tell us exactly who you are and all we need to know about you.

Let me start off by saying this – I have extreme sympathy for the entertainment sector.

You did not deserve what COVID has done to you. None of us do. But my actions did not do this to you; my actions have not put you in lockdown.

But you seem to have no qualms about acting in a way that puts my life in lockdown.

You went on television and wrote to the newspapers pleading to the government for rules under which you could operate and thrive.

The government gave you a set of rules and instead of going along with the program, you flicked your middle finger at it and did what you wanted anyway.

Now, partly because of your actions, lockdowns have returned.

You have now expanded from flicking your middle finger not only at the gov’t but to everyone who did not attend your parties, including others in the entertainment sector who followed the rules.

Please do not insult the intelligence of people with eyes, plead innocence and make ridiculous statements on the radio that you followed the rules. Your words do not contradict video evidence. You hold parties where you ban press and cell phones – which means you wanted no one to catch you doing what you intended to do.

Instead of being like “I love Soca” which was one of the few parties which invited the press, set an example, and went on record showing how it could be done, you took the opposite route to make a quick buck.

Let me be clear I have no problem with you making money. What I have a problem with is your actions causing me to loose money. I have a problem with your actions causing people to loose their livelihoods.

The even sadder part is that many of you sit on govt boards and committees and/or have influence with the govt. But as usual, nothing will happen to you personally – you will most likely be permitted to continue those appointments.  Or maybe you get a slap on your wrist and the govt gives you a ridiculous punishment – like a small fine or being closed for two weeks.

I, my family, my children (who will probably not be able to go back to in-person school), and my community are tired of suffering because of selfish behavior. And when I say suffering let me be clear – I am tired of my child being refused entry to a hospital if she has a fever (yes this happened). I am tired of my other child being forbidden to attend in person school (which will likely happen again thanks to you).

I am tired of citizens being laid off because their employers cannot afford them anymore because of lockdowns (which have returned because of your actions). I am tired of being frightened to hug those I love because of the spreading of the disease (which your actions have exacerbated). Most importantly, I am tired of watching funerals of people I love who died by Covid via the internet – your actions will likely cause this for many.

I am not saying you are the only bad actor; you most certainly are not. But you are the most visible bad actor.

You did not cause COVID  but let us be honest – COVID is a disease, an act of mother nature which is uncontrollable. You are a person who has choices on how to conduct yourself and your events – which makes your selfish actions worse that mother nature.

You will likely laugh at this open letter and say to yourself that you do not care because you got the govt to give permits for your most profitably time of the year, that being the holiday week (a coincidence I think not) – so it was worth it to you. Once again – selfish.

Thank you for doing something that was once inconceivable – being an entity worse than COVID. Thank you for condemning us all.


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