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Frontier passenger stranded in Jamaica refunded with US$600 voucher

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Comical if not infuriating was the experience of Philadelphia resident, Beverly Ellis-Hebard, who ended up landing mistakenly in Jamaica without a passport.

This was as a result of a blunder caused by Frontier Airlines, which sent here to Jamaica rather than Jacksonville, Florida. Ellis-Hebard, who describes herself as a seasoned traveler said she flies from Philadelphia to Jacksonville with the airline roughly every six weeks.

However, during one of these trips on November 6, 2022, she ended up in Jamaica rather than her intended destination in Florida, and didn’t even have a passport on her. As the story goes, Ellis-Hebard ended up on a flight to Jamaica and landed with no passport. reports that in a series of mishaps, including an untimely trip to the lavatory, a cut on her hand that needed to be tended to, a gate change and a cursory check of her boarding pass by the gate agent, Ellis-Hebard ended up on a flight to Jamaica instead.

Spoke with Philadelphia TV station

Ellis-Hebard spoke with a Philadelphia-based television station about her encounter particularly when she landed in Jamaica without a passport. Fortunately, some customs officials in Jamaica allowed her to remain on the jetway and never touch Jamaican soil so that she wasn’t in violation of anything.

Ellis-Hebard was put on a flight back to Philadelphia several hours later. “It should have never have happened because I did not have a passport. The woman at the gate did not do her job,” quoted Ellis-Hebard as saying.

For the trouble, Frontier refunded her flight giving her a US$600 voucher.

Frontier Airlines has issued the following statement regarding this incident: “We extend our utmost apologies to Beverly Ellis-Hebard for this unfortunate experience. We sincerely regret that Ms. Ellis-Hebard was able to board the wrong flight. As a gesture of our apology, we have issued a $600 Frontier Airlines flight voucher tied to the name Beverly Ellis-Hebard that is valid for one year.”

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