JM | Nov 22, 2021

Pembroke Hall High School gifted with Huawei IdeaHub

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Devon Ince (right), vice principal of operations and human resources at the Pembroke Hall High School, demonstrates some of the features of the IdeaHub. Looking on are (from right) Principal Claude Ellis, students Juwanna Mitchell and Nicola Leslie; Fayval Williams, minister of education, youth and information; Dr Nigel Clarke, minister of finance and the public service; and Huawei Jamaica CEO Bo Zhou.

The students of the Pembroke Hall High School are set to benefit from a Huawei IdeaHub, a productivity tool with a 4K soft light screen and smart board designed for collaboration and creation.

The state-of-the-art Interactive classroom system supports online or remote learning and includes an interactive whiteboard, wireless sharing and video conferencing.

Emphasising the importance of technology literacy in the digital age, Bo Zhou, CEO of Huawei Jamaica, said the donation is intended to expose students to technologies and the skills needed for the labour market for the future.

“Today is just a very small step but we hope that this will help our students in the use of technology, and we hope this will help train local talent and help with Jamaica’s development,” Zhou stated.

Claude Ellis (left), principal of the Pembroke Hall High School, student Juwanna Mitchell (second left( and Huawei Jamaica CEO Bo Zhou (second right) look on while Devon Ince, vice principal of operations & human resources, test the Huawei IdeaHub at the Pembroke Hall High School.

Huawei IdeaHub comes with a voice assistant, intelligent display, intelligent handwriting recognition, acoustic baffle, speaker tracking, on-screen name tags, and multi-modal conference minutes. It enables cross-region communication and intelligent writing making it perfect for online and distance learning.

Fayval Williams, minister of education, youth and information, who was on hand for the donation, said the IdeaHub is just one way in which the ministry is seeking to fulfil its mandate of bringing more technology into the classroom as well as to expose students to new developments in the digital space.

“Huawei’s IdeaHubs are designed to turn classrooms and open spaces into smart spaces and is perfect for the delivery of online or remote classes,” she said.

Huawei Jamaica CEO Bo Zhou gives a demonstration of how the Huawei IdeaHub works to Minister of Education, Minister of Education, Youth and Information Fayval Williams during a recent handover to the Pembroke Hall High School.

Also in attendance was Dr Nigel Clarke, minister of finance & the public service, who said the donation of the interactive classroom system will enable students to be better equipped for the world that they will face.

“It is absolutely clear that the path forward for Jamaica must involve and include human capital improvement and human capital investment… . The long-term solution to Jamaica’s [development] is to radically and transformatively improve the stock of human capital in Jamaica,” Clarke stressed.


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