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Pepsi-Cola Jamaica stirs up local beverage industry with launch of Tropicana

Mikala Johnson

Mikala Johnson / Our Today

From left: Bartenders Sheldon Spencer and Karieffe Codnor brought the heat to the social with some great mixes.

Pepsi-Cola Jamaica is stirring up the local beverage industry with the new flavours of the Tropicana brand.

The company hosted a social earlier today (September 21) at Devon House where it officially launched its premium Tropicana drinks.

Bringing two enjoyable drinks to the Jamaican market in the flavours of apple and grape, Pepsi-Cola aims to create a healthier option for its consumers while maintaining a great taste.

Pepsi-Cola Jamaica Senior Brand Manager Ana Marcela Magana. (Photo: Shemar-Leslie Louisy/Our Today)

Pepsi-Cola Jamaica Senior Brand Manager Ana Marcela Magana said the company is very happy to launch the Tropicana brand locally.

“This is an international brand that we want to position here in Jamaica as a healthy premium option for our consumers that fit in the active and different lifestyle of Jamaicans,” Magana added.

She also told Our Today that she is optimistic about the new product.

“This is a more natural and premium brand that I hope will grow because there is a lot of different premium juices on the market.”

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The company will be introducing other flavours in the future to expand the brand and create more variety for customers to choose from.

“It’s two flavours for now, but we want to expand in the future to bring other flavours that the brand already has. The idea is to expand the portfolio,” she noted.

The senior brand manager is encouraging Jamaicans to try the product.

“Try it. Go to the nearest supermarket or store and buy the product. It’s really healthy, it’s really tasty, and I hope you enjoy!”

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