JM | Sep 28, 2022

Phillips wants urgent integrity probe at transport authority amid corruption allegations

Mikala Johnson

Mikala Johnson / Our Today

Mikael Phillips, opposition spokesman on transport and works.

Mikael Phillips, opposition spokesman on transport and works, is calling for the Integrity Commission to launch an immediate investigation into the award or grant of licences and permits at the Transport Authority.

Phillips also wants the auditor general to audit the management and financial decisions at the authority over the past year.

In a press release, Phillips said he was extremely troubled by reports stemming from the Authority which go to the heart of the conduct of affairs and good order at the country’s transport regulatory body.

“This includes alleged corrupt licence awards, arbitrary staff transfers, improper hiring policies, connected promotions and illegal payments,” the opposition spokesman said.

Audley Shaw, minister of transport and mining. (Photo: JIS)

Phillips noted that he had further information that the board of directors was soon to convene an emergency meeting amid growing reports of corruption and increased concern by some members of the Authority’s staff.

He said, however, board decisions would not go far enough to alleviate the corruption fears and, consequently, it is necessary for the two independent watchdogs of the state to intervene.

The Opposition spokesman said a number of these reports had been swirling for some time, and he had hoped for the intervention of Minister of Transport and Mining Audley Shaw to ensure that affairs at the regulatory body were conducted in accordance with the Transport Authority Act and the Public Bodies Management and Accountability Act.

However, he said, he feels strongly that the Integrity Commission and the Auditor General must intervene.

Phillips stated that their intervention would ensure that the processes and systems at the Authority are fully respected and adhered to. 


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