JAM | Jun 21, 2023

Pizza Hut Jamaica fetes PEP students

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Enjoying their delicious pizza slices, Trafalgar Christian Preparatory students gathered for a photo-op with Pizza Hut marketing officer Levene Sheriff. (Photo: Contributed)

Academic empowerment and youth celebration has been the main ingredient for Pizza Hut’s school treats over the past few weeks. As students finalised their Primary Exit Profile Exams (PEP), the team visited several institutions to donate Pizza Hut meal vouchers and treat students to hot and delicious pizza slices.

“We know the exam period can be an anxious and stressful time for our youths, so we wanted to especially treat our PEP students, not only to motivate them further to do well and stay focused but to celebrate all their hard work throughout the school year. We were also extremely excited to show our appreciation for them during May, which we all know is widely celebrated as Child’s Month,” explained Pizza Hut marketing officer Levene Sheriff.

Levene Sheriff, Pizza Hut marketing officer, chats with the students of Angels Primary School as they welcomed a treat from Pizza Hut. (Photo: Contributed)

The Pizza Hut team visited Trafalgar Christian Preparatory, Angels Primary School, Emmanuel Christian Academy, and Rousseau Primary to treat and engage with eager students and teachers alike.

Clapatrick Harvery, vice-principal of Trafalgar Christian Preparatory, shared her profound gratitude to the team for consistently celebrating her students. Her school is one of the many institutions participating in the Pizza Hut School programme.

“Our school has been a part of the Pizza Hut programme for quite some time now. My students love Pizza Hut’s pizzas, and it’s always a treat for them. So, it was a fantastic treat when the team decided to help us surprise them after their exam. After seeing how hard they have prepared for the PEP exams, I have high expectations for all my children, so I’m thrilled the team decided to partner with us again. Thank you so much, Pizza Hut.”

Partnering with th for the first time, vice-principal of Angels Primary School, Brenda McGaw, noted Pizza Hut’s visit overjoyed the children and hoped to continue partnering with the company.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe! Excited for the Pizza Hut treat, students of Angels Primary School got a chance to choose their slice of choice. (Photo: Contributed)

“Pizza Hut’s visit just overjoyed us because we usually don’t get chosen for treats, and I must say, our students loved it. The day after the treat, they still discussed how exciting it was. Coming out of the pandemic, we had to work even harder and motivate them to prepare for their exams. So, Pizza Hut’s partnership was definitely the treat they needed.”

“I am happy the team and I got to partner with these schools to meet and treat so many of their students. We have so much more in store for the rest of the year, and we can’t wait to do more”, affirmed Sheriff.


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