JM | Aug 11, 2022

Pizza Hut reignites tastebuds with new ‘Jamaican’ Jerk Chicken Pizza

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Social media influencers Bwoizy (left) and RushCam (centre) serve a sample of Pizza Hut’s new ‘Jamaican’ pizza to a long-time customer during the official launch event at the New Kingston Pizza Hut restaurant.

Pizza lovers islandwide are raving about the most recent addition to Pizza Hut’s menu – a limited-time offer aptly dubbed the ‘Jamaican’ in honour of Jamaica’s 60th Independence celebrations. The ‘Jamaican’, which carries the catchy tagline of ‘Reigniting your tastebuds the Pizza Hut way’, is a mouth-watering combination of Jerk Chicken, Jerk Sauce, Pineapples and Green Bell Peppers.

Best Dressed Chicken Relationship Manager Cordia Panton-Williams (centre), Pizza Hut Jamaica Marketing Officer (left) and Pizza Hut Training Officer Marcia Curtis stop for a quick photo during the official launch of the new ‘Jamaican’ pizza at Pizza Hut’s New Kingston Restaurant.

To kick off the festivities, Pizza Hut recently hosted an intimate launch event at its New Kingston restaurant to showcase the ‘Jamaican’ and celebrate Jamaica 60.

Debbie Bissoon, RushCam, DJ Bambino, Bwoizy, and Dutty Berry stopped by to enjoy a bite of the new product offering and engage with staff and customers.

Pizza Hut Marketing Officer Levene Sheriff (left) stops for a quick photo with guests at the official launch of Pizza Hut’s new ‘Jamaican’ Diamond Jubilee pizza offering. Event guests included DJ Bambino (second left), Debbie Bissoon (third right), and Dutty Berry (right). They are joined in the photo by Pizza Hut promotional team members.

“When crafting the ‘Jamaican’, we wanted to create a pizza that is unmistakably Jamaican, something that represents our rich culinary heritage,” noted Pizza Hut Marketing Officer Levene Sheriff.

“It was, therefore, a no-brainer to incorporate authentic Jamaican jerk flavours both in the chicken as well as the sauce. All the ingredients come together to create an amazing and irresistible flavour profile that combines the unbeatable Pizza Hut quality that our customers love, with unmistakable taste and flavours that are near and dear to all Jamaicans.”

DJ Bambino (left), Debbie Bissoon (centre) and Dutty Berry (right) are all smiles as they await their first taste of Pizza Hut’s new Jamaica 60 menu item, the ‘Jamaican’.

The Pizza Hut ‘Jamaican’ will be available at all Pizza Hut restaurants islandwide until August 20.


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