| May 9, 2023

PNP condemns threat against journalist, affirms commitment to freedom of the press

Tamoy Ashman

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The People’s National Party (PNP) has sought to reassure the public that a recent incident that saw a journalist threatened by a PNP supporter does not reflect the position of the party concerning engagements with the media.

It was reported that while covering a PNP protest yesterday evening (May 8), a supporter of the Opposition party told a female journalist ‘Mi can rape yuh inuh”. At the time of the alleged incident, the reporter was interviewing PNP Vice President Mikael Phillips. Other senior party members were also present.

The party, in a release today (May 9), said that the incident is regrettable and apologised to the media workers and the public.

“We wish to express our deep concern regarding last night’s incident at the PNP Headquarters. The entire affair is regrettable, and the Party tenders its unreserved apologies to the media workers and the public at large. The incident involving Dexroy Martin, a Deputy General Secretary of the People’s National Party (PNP), and a journalist of the RJR Media Group was completely unacceptable and does not reflect the position of the PNP with respect to engagements with the media and guests on the PNP’s property,” the party said.

Dexroy Martin, , a Deputy General Secretary of the People’s National Party (PNP)

“The PNP disassociates itself from Martin’s behaviour and would like to take this opportunity to reassure the media that such behaviour will not be tolerated within our party. We value the role of the media in a democratic society and recognise that the media has an important role to play in holding public officials accountable,” they sought to reassure the public.

The party noted that they remain committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and respect in all interactions with the media and public. They also promised to take steps to ensure that the incident does not repeat in the future.

“We have spoken with her directly, as well as with her supervisors, and have expressed our regret for what happened and have offered our unreserved apologies. She has been assured of our commitment to investigating the matter fully and ensuring that the offenders are disciplined,” they shared.

Other inappropriate actions condemned

In addition to the rape threat posed to a female reporter, the party said they are aware of other inappropriate actions at the PNP headquarters that they strongly condemn.

“The PNP strongly condemns such comments and does not support any act of violence against citizens, especially our women, and will support any investigation by the authorities of this matter and are prepared to take swift and appropriate action against the perpetrator,” they wrote.

The party again assured the public that they take these matters seriously and are committed to ensuring that the incident does not repeat.

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