HTI | Jun 6, 2023

PNP extends sympathies to Haiti amidst tragic disaster

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The People’s National Party extends our deepest sympathies to the people of Haiti, who are facing tragedy in the form of severe flood and earthquake.

We stand with Haiti during this most difficult time and extend our support to the families and communities that have been affected.

Reports are that the death toll in Haiti is currently rising in both the flood and Earthquake. Forty-two lives were lost in the flood which occurred last weekend and four in the Earthquake which occurred this morning. 

National flag of the Republic of Haiti.

We take this time to commend the local first responders, rescue team and volunteers who are working tirelessly to provide assistance to those in need. We hope that their efforts will result in the speedy rescue and recovery of those who have been unaccounted for. 

The People’s National Party continues to stand in solidarity with the people of Haiti and affirm our commitment to helping them recover. General Secretary of PNP, Dr. Dayton Campbell said, “The loss of life and displacement of families is devastating.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by both tragedies in Haiti.” 

As a global community, we must come together to support our brothers and sisters in Haiti during this time. We call upon the international community to assist Haiti by providing relief in whatever way they can, to those most affected by this crisis. 


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