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PNP mourns passing of businessman Lascelles Chin

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Lascelles Chin

The People’s National Party (PNP) mourns the passing of businessman and philanthropist Lascelles Chin, who died on Saturday, May 27, 2023. 

As we reflect on his life and legacy, we pay tribute to a man whose contributions to society went far beyond his business acumen. 

Born in the rural parish of Manchester, Jamaica, Lascelles Chin’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming an accomplished entrepreneur is an inspiring tale of resilience and determination. He founded the renowned Lasco brand, a testament to his visionary spirit and entrepreneurial prowess. Through his business ventures, he not only created employment opportunities for countless Jamaicans but also provided affordable products that enhanced the well-being of our people.

His philanthropic efforts truly exemplified his benevolent nature and unwavering commitment to uplifting communities. He recognised the importance of education as a tool for empowerment and social progress. Consequently, he established the Lasco Chin Foundation, which has since played a vital role in supporting educational initiatives across the island. He understood the significance of healthcare and consistently contributed to its advancement. 

Leader of the Opposition, Mark Golding. (Photo: JIS)

His charitable endeavours were not confined to education and healthcare alone. Lascelles Chin championed various social causes, including poverty alleviation, sports development, and community empowerment. He believed in the potential of our people and consistently sought avenues to foster growth and progress at both individual and community levels.

Lascelles has left an enduring legacy that will continue to inspire generations to come. His belief in the power of giving and the transformative impact of investing in our people serves as a guiding light for us all. We are grateful for his unwavering dedication to nation-building and his steadfast commitment to making Jamaica a better place for all.

President of the PNP, Mr Mark Golding, expressed, “I am saddened to learn of the passing of the Hon. Lascelles Chin O.J, C.D. a true Jamaican visionary and innovative entrepreneur. From trading to manufacturing to financial services, he developed the Lasco brand that brought value to the people, a reputation underscored by his genuine personal humility. The Lasco brand has become synonymous with quality and affordability among our people”.

As we bid farewell to a remarkable man and patriot, we extend our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and the entire Lasco family. May his soul find eternal peace, and may his remarkable legacy live on as a beacon of hope and inspiration.


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