GBR | Jul 5, 2022

Popcaan detained in the UK for second time this year

Juanique Tennant

Juanique Tennant / Our Today

Dancehall entertainer Popcaan

Dancehall entertainer Popcaan has reportedly been detained in the United Kingdom (UK) for the second time this year.

Alerting his unruly fans to his current predicament via Instagram this afternoon (July 5), the Firm and Strong singer disclosed that he has been detained in the UK, owing to information purportedly shared by Jamaican officials with British authorities.

He stated: “So I’m being detained right now. I’m in the UK and they gave me this paper and detained me because of information that was sent by my country, that I should be stopped every time I’m here.”

The Jamaican artiste said he was uncertain of the basis on which he should be stopped and sought to draw Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ attention to the matter.

This, unfortunately for the Unruly Boss, is the second time this year that he has been detained while travelling through the UK.

The Never Sober singer was similarly detained in the UK in January of this year, on the basis that information had been sent by a Jamaican authority to British immigration, that he is a gang leader who was charged for a firearm.

In a tweet detailing his dilemma on January 12, the Unruly leader stated: “I would like to know why someone with authority in Jamaica send information to England immigration that I’m a gang leader and I got charge with firearm, this is not cool at all from my own country, why I have to be sitting in immigration for over 3 hours??”

In a follow-up to tweet, Popcaan seemingly asked Jamaica’s Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment & Sport, Olivia Grange for help in clearing his name.

He stated: “[Babsy Grange] I try to ask for your help with this before, Why people from my own country fighting popcaan and telling lies about me and sending it to other countries?? I don’t know what cause but it needs to be off my name.” 

At the time of this publication, Popcaan was still detained by British immigration authorities.


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