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Six popular Jamaican family channels on YouTube

Mikala Johnson

Mikala Johnson / Our Today

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YouTube is one of the most dynamic social media platforms there is, with millions of users across the world. It is able to connect people from every corner of the Earth.

For some users, the popular social media platform has become a university where they learn to do just about anything, an office where they work and earn, and, of course a theatre, where they get their daily dose of entertainment.

These days a lot of people are turning to the platform to earn while others use it as an avenue to share their stories or life with their followers.

It was only a matter of time before more and more Jamaican creators took to YouTube to tell their stories to the unique tune that only Jamaicans can.

YouTube in particular has become the home of multiple channels focused on the daily activities of families.

Our Today did some research and found six popular YouTube channels that are operated by Jamaican families.

There is no denying that Jamaicans have some of the most dynamic families and that’s probably the reason why these channels are so entertaining.

Also, these channels are real, sincere, and delightful. The truth is there is definitely a lot of drama but there certainly isn’t any acting.

If you want to see for yourself, check out the videos below.

Me and Mi House

This family friendly channel will have you laughing and learning as you follow the Reids through their day-to-day activities.

Daily, thousands of followers tune in to see what the family has been up to in the house.

Mi and mi house follows girl-dad Paul and his wife Tina, their five daughters Hannah, Leila, Zahra, Eden and Eva.

The Reids.

The Christian family has been featured on several local TV shows as well as in the print media for their unique family dynamics.

If you still don’t know who they are, you definitely need to head over to their YouTube channel to find out what’s been happing in their house.

Meet the Mitchells

One of the most popular local YouTube channels that you must watch is Meet the Mitchells.

In the event you happen to have no idea about this channel, Meet the Mitchells follows entrepreneur Tami, artiste Wayne Marshall, along with the rest of the family – their children Oz, Atlas, Jaxen, Alex and Ivy.

That’s not everyone. You also have Wayne’s eldest son, Gio, and his younger brother Alex and of course their nanny, Maureen aka MoMo.

The Mitchells.

This blended family will take you through some amazing moments with the children to some hilarious ones with the grownups.

If you want to see some authentic family moments, you definitely need to head on over to the channel and see what the Mitchells have been up to.

The Flare Family

The Flare Family is a local YouTube channel that produces some great family-oriented content.

Daddy Flare and Mommy Flare, along with their two daughters Lanya and Lanay allow their followers to get a look at their everyday life.

From trips across the island, charity donations to birthday celebrations, the family will take you there with them.

If you have never heard of the Flare family, be sure to check out their YouTube channel to get a glimpse of the family’s lifestyle.

The Powells

The Powells follows Asafa, the sub-10 king, and his wife, Alyshia, along with their children as they navigate their daily lives.

The channel keeps followers entertained with all that the family has been up to.

If you are already subscribed to this channel, then you’ll know that the channel doubles as a travel blog and allows you to follow the couple on their international adventures.

Asafa and Alysia Powell.

Asafa is a former athlete, so you know discussions around sports has to be in the midst of everything.

The channel also highlights athletic causes such as showcasing the work and sacrifice that goes into being a professional athlete and highlighting important sportsmen as well.

C Miller TV

Are you looking for comedy, drama and everything between? If yes, you need to head on over to YouTube and take a look at C Miller TV.

There’s no other family quite like the Millers on the internet. Dwayne and Kerry Miller, a married couple, film themselves pranking and making fun of each other.

The content is more geared towards an older audience with topics including sex and a lot of relationship drama, delivered in full comedic effect, no doubt.

The Millers.

The Millers are big on giving thanks for their blessings, the couple constantly speaks of their faith and is always thanking God for all he has done for them.

If you want to witness the day-to-day doings of the couple then you know the gist, head on over to YouTube and hit the subscribe button.

The Virgos

The YouTube channel The Virgos follows reggae singer Romain Virgo and his wife Elizabeth along with their twin daughters.

The channel gives a genuine feel and will have you entertained throughout jumping form video to video.

The channel follows the family on their local adventures as well as their international escapades.

If you are looking for another family channel to add to your must-watch list, then you need to check out the Virgos.  The family might just be what you are looking for, a little bit of everything!

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