JAM | Jun 13, 2023

Portmore Mayor speaks out against actions prompting fire at PNP constituency office

Tamoy Ashman

Tamoy Ashman / Our Today

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Mayor of Portmore Leon Thomas. (Photo: Facebook @mayorleonthomasportmore)

Mayor of Portmore Leon Thomas condemned the actions that led to the setting ablaze of the People’s National Party (PNP) office in South East St Catherine yesterday night (June 12).

Reports are that the fire was set in response to the PNP’s decision to select Dr Dawes as the party’s standard bearer to contest the seat against the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Robert Miller.

Dawes has confirmed that the fire was set in his office.

“I condemn what took place there. I condemn the action of anybody who carried out that act. That is something I don’t support, and that is something that has never happened before,” Mayor Thomas told Our Today.

Poll findings declared that Alrick Campbell, deputy mayor of Portmore, was the favourite to represent the constituency. However, party leader Mark Golding said that Dawes was to represent the people in the next election.

This is the second time that a fire was set at the constituency office, and both instances are said to be in retaliation to Dawe’s appointment.


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