JAM | Feb 11, 2024

PPV drivers encouraged to sign up for healthcare programme

Shari-Lee Crooks

Shari-Lee Crooks / Our Today

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President of the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS) Egeton Newman

Drivers of public passenger vehicles (PPVs) are being encourged by the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS) to sign up for a transformative healthcare programme.

Egeton Newman, TODSS president, announced the programme in a virtual meeting held with drivers last week.

Newman urged fellow drivers to take advantage of the programme that has been in the works for several months of lobbying to make PPV drivers’ healthcare a priority.

Newman said the TODSS had been in negotiation for over a year and now the drivers have access to a healthcare system that is “second to none”. He stated that he is happy that the drivers are receiving a deal in terms of healthcare.

“(It’s) a healthcare programme, as I said before, (that is) second-to-none. I am happy for this because it’s long time in coming; now it is at our doorsteps,” Newman indicated. 

He also pointed out that through various partnerships, the coverage is available if the drivers are overseas as well.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Due to the sedentary nature of their jobs, drivers are susceptible to many lifestyle and non-communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease, which is specifically associated with the extended periods they spend in traffic or those who cover far distances. The TODSS has partnered with the Health and Wellness Ministry in recent years to sensitise and educate drivers of the the health risks and try to encourage them to be mindful of their practices.


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