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PRSA launches ‘Beyond the Badge’ campaign for security guards

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The Private Security Regulations Authority (PSRA), an agency within the Ministry of National Security, has announced the launch of its Beyond the Badge campaign, designed to honour and celebrate private security professionals across the nation. 

Designated a “transformative initiative”, the campaign aims to shine a well-deserved spotlight on their unwavering dedication and invaluable contribution to public safety made by security guards in particular, according to Rick Harris, executive director of the PSRA.

“Private security personnel are integrated into almost every business enterprise and work tirelessly, sometimes behind the scenes, to protect the assets and lives of others. Oftentimes exposing themselves to danger in order to successfully do their job,” added Harris.

Former State Minister in the Ministry of National Security Zavia Mayne (centre foreground) is being shown around by Rick Harris (left), executive director of the Private Security Regulations Authority (PSRA), and prominent businessman Joey Issa (right) in Ocho Rios on November 15, 2022. Occassion was the St Ann leg of PSRA’s Mobile Registration Unit (MRU). (Photo: Facebook @PrivateSecurityRegulationsAuthority)

Continuing, the PSRA contended that the campaign also serves as “an opportune time for us to recognize the selfless commitment and acknowledge the pivotal role played by these unsung heroes”.

“Through this campaign, the PSRA will express our profound gratitude and admiration for private security professionals by highlighting their remarkable contributions and achievements,” the government agency noted. 

As a platform, Beyond the Badge campaign will seek to unveil the extraordinary stories, heroic deeds, and exceptional service rendered by private security personnel on a daily basis.

The PSRA hopes that by amplifying these experiences the public will gain a deeper appreciation for the work carried out by private security personnel.

One of the individuals to be featured in the campaign is Howard Stevens, who started out as a security guard and has taken advantage of various opportunities afforded to him in the private security industry to advance academically. 

Through the support of his employers, he pursued his dream of obtaining a degree in accounting–banking and finance, and he now serves as a prime example of how dreams have no limits. He shares his own experiences to inspire others and advocates for security guards, showcasing the potential for growth and success within the industry. 

Howard Stevens, active member of Jamaica’s private security force for over 20 years. (Photo: Contributed)

“Being a security guard is more than wearing a badge, many security guards don’t just protect and serve, we have become crucial assets for companies in today’s evolving world. Serving as the initial point of contact for visitors, workers, and guests, we not only fulfill our traditional duties but have also taken on the responsibility of disseminating information. Through years of experience and specialized training, we have acquired the knowledge and expertise to communicate information swiftly and effectively, it is time that appreciation is shown” Stevens. 

The PSRA will be working with industry partners, training institutions, and security businesses to arrange events, seminars, and training sessions targeted at improving security professionals’ skills and expertise as the programme also aims to raise the overall standards of the private security industry by encouraging continual professional growth.


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