JAM | May 1, 2023

Reckless driving costing lives – Minister Shaw

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Minister of Transport and Mining. (Photo: Mark Bell)

Minister of Transport and Mining, Audley Shaw, is lamenting the continued loss of lives on the nation’s roads, which he blames on reckless driving. 

He noted that the frequent, fatal road crashes are turning the lives of many families “upside down,” and is appealing for persons to take care on the roadways. 

“No amount of money can replace a lost life so please, before you rush to make that trip, or pick up the next load of passengers, consider what it may cost you,” he urged. 

 Minister Shaw was addressing a health, wealth and safety expo organised by the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS) for public passenger vehicle (PPV) operators,  at the Half -Way-Tree Transport Centre in St. Andrew.

(Photo: Become Nomadic AF)

He told the drivers, who transport passengers to their destinations every day, that they are on the frontline of road safety.  “Your job is important,”  he said. 

He urged them to become models for safe road use and to “make safety a priority as you conduct your duties. Do not make it about money only. Prioritise your health and wellness to better ensure the safety of passengers and follow the road traffic regulations.”  

The minister also implored the drivers to take advantage of programmes being offered by the Transport Authority (TA) on the road code, defensive driving and customer service, to ensure that they become better and safer drivers. 

“The training can significantly improve road safety, save lives and promote a more sustainable transport system,” he said, while encouraging other partners to join the campaign for safe road use. 

TODSS is on a mission to facilitate the sustainable development of the public transport sector by providing training and logistical support to its members.  

The group’s goal is to provide the best travel experience for the commuting public, and to ensure the best investment for the sector. 


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