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JAM | Jun 6, 2023

Red Bull car park drift returns to Jamaica in search of new drift champion

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Winner Nicolas Barnes performs at the Red Bull Car Park Drift in Montego Bay, Jamaica on October 1, 2022. (Photo: Contributed)

Red Bull Car Park Drift has announced that registrations are now open for the drifting competition as it makes its return to Jamaica for the second consecutive year.

The highly anticipated event pushes the limits of drifting with participants competing for the coveted title of the new drift king.

Drift enthusiasts are encouraged to register before the deadline on June 16 to secure their chance to compete in this adrenaline-fueled extravaganza.

This year’s qualifiers, a thrilling showdown of precision driving and high-speed stunts, will take place on June 30th. Participants will battle it out on a challenging course designed to test their mastery of drifting techniques and vehicle control.

Out of a lineup of 20 of the island’s finest drifters, Sheldon ‘Z Boss’ Johnson (R), copped third place, Cleve ‘Cutta Hype’ Ottey (L) took second, while Nicholas ‘Tazz’ Barnes was crowned the National Red Bull Car Park Drift Champion.

The top performers from this year’s qualifier will earn their spot in the grand finale, where they will compete alongside the top four from the 2022 competition – Nicholas Barnes, Cleve Ottey, Sheldon Johnson, and Chris Addison.

The final is set to take place on July 1st in the vibrant city of Montego Bay.

The grand finale promises an electrifying spectacle as the best drifters in Jamaica compete head-to-head in a jaw-dropping showcase of automotive skill, style, and technique.

Spectators can witness the action at the Montego Bay Sports Complex, or enjoy the live broadcast on SportsMax, ensuring fans across the nation can experience every exhilarating moment.

Travis Hewitt performs at the Red Bull Car Park Drift in Montego Bay, Jamaica on October 1, 2022. (Photo: Contributed)

The Red Bull Car Park Drift is an opportunity for drift enthusiasts and automotive aficionados to come together, celebrate the passion for motorsports, and witness the talent of Jamaica’s finest drifters. The event promises thrilling displays of controlled chaos, tire-squealing drift battles, and a vibrant atmosphere that captures the essence of Jamaica’s automotive culture.

Red Bull Car Park Drift is open to drifters of all skill levels, from seasoned professionals to up-and-coming talents. Those interested in participating are encouraged to visit the link here to register and find further information on the event, rules, and regulations.


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