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Red Stripe/Project Mic host professional development workshop for young marketers and creatives

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We did it team! To officially close the workshop, Amplified founder Joel Nomdarkham joined the speakers, mentors and mentees for a smile filled group photo-op. The Amplified mentorship workshop was recently held at Red Stripe’s Vibes sports lounge. (Photo: Contributed)

Developing a solid personal brand by loudening one’s message and staying true to a core purpose were the main takeaways for more than 20 young marketers and creatives at the recently held Amplified Mentorship workshop.

Hosted at Red Stripe’s Vibes sports lounge, the workshop was just one element of an ongoing partnership between Red Stripe and marketer/social impact creator Joel Nomdarkham’s ‘Project Mic’ initiative to nurture young digital creatives.

The joint Amplified Mentorship Programme was launched in August 2022 to motivate and educate future marketers, creators and entrepreneurs on the industry’s best practices. Participants were paired with seasoned industry professionals who have facilitated critical knowledge exchange through one-on-one and group sessions to accomplish this goal.

Tyheissa Williams, communications manager at Red Stripe, shared several gems during the session on how young professionals can build appealing and long-lasting brands which can be further enhanced through collaboration.

“Here at Red Stripe, we ensure that everything we do aligns with the company’s purpose: ‘To brew the joy of true togetherness, to inspire a better world’. This purpose is embodied in all that we do. Having identified your desired purpose, you can collaborate with brands that reflect that purpose while adding creativity and flair,” she began.

Flashing a bright smile and feeling proud of a successful session, Amplified founder Joel Nomdarkham (left) joined Red Stripe’s HR business partner Sandra Bingham (second-left), Red Stripe communications manager Tyheissa Williams (second right) and Michelle-Ann Letman, marketing and brand communication specialist (right) for a photo-op as the workshop came to an end. (Photo: Contributed)

“Communication is essential in our industry, and the basics remain the same – research and analyse data to create high-quality and relevant content. Your success will be predicated on that unique edge you bring to the basics, and we are always open to mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities,” Williams mused further.

Nomdarkham doubled down on the importance of partnerships in the creative industry.

“Collaborating with others means you have a shared vision, goals, and mindset, and you both are willing to support each other. I can genuinely say collaborating with others within the industry has perhaps contributed to 98 per cent of what I have achieved so far,” he explained.

“As you build your brand, work with people who share common interests and see how best you can add value to their development and them to yours. Apply the knowledge you have received today from these experts and take advantage of opportunities within the community. That is what this initiative was even designed for – to benefit you. I cannot wait to see where we are on our next check-in,” Nomdarkham added. 

Ketch e bounce! Amplified founder Joel Nomdarkham (left) and social impact creator Chantalle Bryan (right) had a blast on stage together at the most recent Amplified mentorship workshop held at Red Stripe’s Vibes sports lounge. (Photo: Contributed)

Sandra Bingham, Red Stripe HR business partner, shared the importance of expertly presenting one’s brand when seeking brand and career development opportunities. In her session on Personal and Career Development, she stressed the need for creativity.

“When developing your brand, you must be creative. As you bring people along your journey, whether on social media or through interviews, be creative when communicating,  and adapt to your audience. When hiring creatives and marketers, we are eager to learn about your unique brand, so tell us who you are, highlight relevant achievements, interests, and passions and present yourself in the best way possible. Essentially, we want to know the value you are bringing to our company and how we can grow as we assist you with your brand’s growth.”


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