JM | Jul 19, 2021

Red Stripe ‘walks the talk’ with #ResponsibleLivingChallenge at HIIT Factory

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The Red Stripe team is pumped for a hard day’s work after accepting the #ResponsibleLivingChallenge at the Constant Spring Road-based fitness establishment HIIT Factory in St Andrew.

In a show of commitment to their recently launched Drink & Live Responsibly campaign, Red Stripe team members grabbed their gear and braved the early morning sun to take on the #ResponsibleLivingChallenge at the HIIT Factory.

The group of employees, which included persons at varying degrees of fitness, did not shirk from the drills under the watchful eyes of fitness trainers.

“For us, Drink & Live Responsibly is not just a campaign or a tagline. It is a call to action, an invitation to our people in and outside of Red Stripe to choose responsible living. When we tell our consumers to drink and live responsibly, we’re promoting responsible drinking as well as a balanced lifestyle that will keep us all safe and healthy. That’s what this challenge is all about,” said Dianne Ashton-Smith, head of corporate affairs at Red Stripe.

The #ResponsibleLivingChallenge started with the company’s managing director Luis Prata who threw down the gauntlet for his team with a vigorous set on the tennis court.

Ashton-Smith and several colleagues boldly took up the challenge at the Constant Spring Road facility, participating in a sweaty yet exhilarating session of high-intensity impact training.

A solid mix of the fit and not-so-fit, some team members pranced energetically, stretching and bouncing across the turf, while others entered with slow strolls, dark glasses and visors pulled low.

Regardless of the level of fitness, everyone showed enthusiasm as they took on three HIIT training circuits led by super-fit instructors Vanado and Jahwawa.

After an energetic warm-up, they were challenged to execute burpees, deadlifts, surrenders, wall sits, mountain climbers, jump squats and medicine ball slams. Each circuit featured all exercises that are adaptable for home, the gym or any outdoor space.

“As you can see not everyone here is a fitness buff, but what’s important is that we are all committed to increasing our physical activity. Drink & Live Responsibly is about choice. It’s about choosing responsibility every time,” said Ashton-Smith.

The Drink & Live Responsibly campaign, launched in May, is an expansion of the beer company’s responsible consumption pillar of its sustainability agenda.

“It’s a more holistic approach to responsible living. In addition to responsible drinking, we want people to get active, rest and generally make better choices. As a business, we’re committed to providing low and non-alcohol beverage options like Malta and Heineken 0.0,” Smith explained.


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