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USA | May 6, 2022

Relationship ‘guru’ Kevin Samuels dead at 57

Gavin Riley

Gavin Riley / Our Today

Atlanta-based YouTuber, Kevin Samuels. (Photo:

Kevin Samuels, the controversial American YouTuber and self-proclaimed ‘image consultant’, who built his career on relationship advice that was often accused of being misogynistic, passed away on Thursday (May 5).

He was 57.

While a cause of death has not yet been determined, preliminary reports from local police indicate Samuels was at his The Residence Buckhead Atlanta apartment with a woman who spent the night with him.

It is alleged that, the following morning, Samuels complained of chest pains and collapsed on top of the woman while she attempted to assist him.

The woman, who identified herself as Ortencia Alcantara, called 911 right after Samuels became unresponsive after which the police arrived to see emergency services personnel performing CPR to no avail.

Samuels was transported to the Piedmont Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Even in death, Samuels has triggered mixed reactions on social media, as many of his critics reflected on what they considered his ‘legacy of cruelty’, which was seemingly ‘strongest’ for black women, and his supporters attacked those critics for appearing to be celebrating his passing.

Samuels, after enjoying moderate success on YouTube, shot to fame in late 2020 when a YouTube clip of him advising a 35-year-old woman that she was “average at best” went viral on the social media platform.


The YouTuber’s defining philosophy that women have less to offer men the older and more successful they become before settling down and getting married, sparked heated conversations around relationships that are ongoing to this day.


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