JM | Mar 10, 2023

‘Remedy’ for soca revelers, Smirnoff Xodus

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: Melissa Liu strikes a pose on the side of the Smirnoff truck at the Xodus Remedy.

Carnival band, Xodus, had the ‘remedy’ for soca revelers who longed to be gyrating on the road as they were treated to a mini road march on March 4 at Smirnoff Xodus Remedy. 

The Carnival Monday wear-themed event was the place to be for soca fans, as the road to Jamaica Carnival 2023 heats up.

‘Chipping’ alongside and behind the truck meant that patrons got the chance to walk at their own pace and stop ever so often to gyrate whenever and wherever they felt comfortable.

Maia Wolf posed for the camera in her Monday-wear costume.

With a double lap around the stadium, patrons were emboldened to put on a show as they made the most of the pulsating rhythms of the soca songs that kept them energised and hyped up all night and well into the early morning.

Our Today was in the mix! Here are the highlights:

Lindsay Miller (left) and Toni Morgan posed pretty for the cameras.
Blonde bombshell Liane Chung was all geared up for a great time at Smirnoff Xodus Remedy on March 4.
From left: Social media influencers Tonaya Wint, Rohan ‘Quite Perry’ Perry, Brittny Simone, and Kevaun Merchant came for the fun and stayed for all the excitement.
From left: Dancehall queens Sofia Balog, Aga Bialon, and Elizabeth Grabow enjoying the soca vibes at Smirnoff Xodus Remedy.
Hundreds of soca revelers getting excited for the mini road march at Smirnoff Xodus Remedy.


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