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JM | Nov 27, 2022

Renee Menzies-McCallum | Guardsman Metaverse brings you SynRgi  for your security needs 

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Renee Menzies-McCallum

 Welcome to the Guardsman Metaverse.

Let me give you a little background information on the solutions that will be available to you from the Metaverse in early 2023.

First, I need to ask you a few quick questions… . Are your security costs increasing? Oh wait – wait…  I think I might know the answer to that one… but of course, you would still like to maintain your security services.  So… what if I could lower your recurring costs and still provide you with a more efficient service than you are currently receiving?  What if I could use your existing equipment and make it “smart”?  In other words, make it work for you by providing alerts when needed and then – allow you to monitor it all from one platform?

How can I do that you ask? 

First, let me take a step back and tell you a little about the beginning…

Our product is the brainchild of a team of people who have been working behind the scenes whilst executing their regular jobs.  (no pressure there right? LOL) They span the entire group of companies across several different entities and job titles.  We have had analysts, operations, sales, tech, customer service, finance, marketing, and admin all involved in the build out through their different business unit lenses, their own experiences of what the clients have asked for, and what features they thought would improve our service.  They are our “what if we could?” dream team.  They have formed part of our research and development and further, we also did blind external market research to find out what the clients were most interested in directly from them as well.  Please join me in saying “Kudos to the team”. 

We then looked internationally for the best products to execute our vision, and formed amazing Partnerships with well known international brands such as Alarm.com, Cognyte, Johnson Contrls Inc/ Qolsys, Vii Sights, Silmar Electronics, Rapid Response and Ctrl-IT who have provided the training and certification needed and who are all here with us here tonight in support.  Good evening to our partners and “Welcome to Jamaica!” again. I know how hard it must be – especially as winter approaches – to come to a tropical island and so we thank you for making the trip!

We finally introduced a handful of clients to the concept of the service and offered them a chance to participate as Beta clients and testers, so that we would be sure that our solutions worked as they should and to get our client’s feedback for tweaking the final product.  And we did indeed have to tweak … .

But all of this -was just to answer to that same question I asked at the beginning -“how can we do it?”

Ladies and Gentlemen – I am thrilled to introduce you to ‘SynRgi’.

SynRgi is our new bespoke product.  It is our integrated solution that blends the use of “smart” technology and the use of well-trained manpower. We don’t sell just equipment, or just guard services.  We provide a complete integrated solution that is tailored for each location and is:

  • More efficient
  • More effective
  • Less manual by adding automation, and
  • More Cost effective in the long term.

Our product for any one location may consist of

  • AI cameras at the perimeter,
  • Licence plate recognition for entry,
  • Facial recognition at the staff entry,
  • Video Verification for the client,
  • an electronic or fire alarm,
  • the ability to dispatch the nearest asset,
  • a drone to do aerial surveillance at night
  • the broadband network support needed to keep everything running smoothly, and
  • a Security Operations Centre who can see everything happening on the ground by having all of your cameras, your access control, your burglary, your fire and your response team all in one place, on one screen, operated by one team, and even remotely if needed.    

Wheeewww, that’s a lot! Good thing you don’t necessarily need it all at any one location. We will instead design these solutions according to what your unique needs are and we’ve even implemented flat monthly subscriptions for better budgetary controls.   


SynRgi will be offered in a lease format with lower up-front costs where needed, and as previously mentioned does not require the “rip and replace” of any existing infrastructure. It instead utilises as much of whatever equipment is already on your location as possible and only then do we add on the tech overlays to convert your existing signals and allow older “dumb” cameras and alarm systems to become “smart”, providing you with instant alerts and remote capabilities so that your security can be more effective. 

This heightened use of technology with the various alerts allows us to utilise fewer guards per location as the guards are also “smart”. Our G Force Team of guards have been and will continue to be upskilled in the use of technology through training in Guardsman University and will also have the ability to summon extra reinforcements in the form of our Dynamic Response Team as needed in an actual emergency. Our security force is therefore more efficiently utilised and supplemented by the technology. 

Renee Menzies-McCallum

Simply put, Smart Technology gives our personnel on the ground the information in real time, so that the response can be immediate. Your cameras are therefore no longer only for reviewing after the fact.

But – what if we also added an app for complete visibility? Eliminating the need to call for information or to send reporting – as your app is always connected and updated within 24 hours?

And what if proper cyber protection was now available locally with support and the ability to monitor for threats and intruders targeting your network before it happens? 

What if you could get all of this from a trusted name with 45 years of experience in security and risk management? From a company that is 8,000 strong across the region?

Now that’s security. Future-proofed.

That’s Guardsman Metaverse.

That’s SynRgi.

– Renee Menzies-McCallum is president of Guardsman Metaverse


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