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RGD to print birth certificates in braille

Tamoy Ashman

Tamoy Ashman / Our Today

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Minister without portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister Floyd Green. (Photo: JIS)

The Registrar General’s Department (RGD) will this year begin the historic process of printing birth certificates in braille to be more inclusive and cater to the most vulnerable in society.

Minister without portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister Floyd Green made the announcement today (May 16) while making his contributions to the 2023-2024 Sectoral Debate.

“Over the years, I have continued to advocate for the inclusion of our most vulnerable in all that we do. In order to satisfy our visually impaired customers, this year the RGD will be embarking on printing birth certificates in brail,” said Green.

The process will be executed through a partnership with the Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities, the Jamaica Society for the Blind, and other relevant stakeholders.

“This will be a pioneering effort in the English-speaking Caribbean, but it will ensure that our visual impaired and those who are blind feel included in what we do here in Jamaica,” said Green.

Birth certificate applications digitised

The RGD currently offers free birth certificates to mothers for their newborn child. However, the application process has to be done in person.

In an effort to make the process easier, Green said the Government will digitise the application process for first birth certificates.

He said this means that “30,000 mothers will no longer need to make a visit to the RGD to make that application in person. “

The online application of first birth certificates is expected to start this coming September.

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