USA | Jul 5, 2022

Rihanna makes Forbes list once again, as youngest self-made billionaire

Ategie Edwards

Ategie Edwards / Our Today


Barbados national hero, pop star, entrepreneur, billionaire and new mother, Rihanna, has yet another heavyweight title under her belt, becoming Forbes’ 2022 youngest self-made billionaire.

But the pop-singer-turned-beauty mogul is no stranger to the Forbes’ billionaires club.

Although estimating her billionaire status back in August 2021, it was not until 2022 that the  American business magazine added her to society’s one per cent list of wealthiest people on the planet. The Fenty entrepreneur was also named on Forbes’ list of Caribbean billionaires.

Joining 23 other women, Rihanna takes the 21st spot on the Self-Made list with a net worth of US$1.4 billion earned from music, for which she first became known, and her cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty, founded in 2017.

Considered by some as the only true self-made billionaire on the 2022 list, the artiste, in a 2021 Complex interview, explained how she hoped to inspire others who, like herself, come from humble beginnings.

“It’s tricky because it’s hard to even accept that’s where you’re at because I know where I’ve come from,” she had said.


“At the same time, it feels good to be able to inspire young women and boys who, like me, come from humble beginnings, who come from parents who are immigrants or who are immigrants themselves, to be able to do this.”

Although the National Hero has not released any new music over the past six years, the Loud hitmaker, as promised, expanded her Savage X Fenty lingerie brand by opening several brick-and-mortar locations in the United States. These include retail outlets in Las Vegas, Houston and Philadelphia.

The entrepreneur, up until last week, has been MIA and though spotted at a concert for her partner A$AP Rocky and a barbershop in London this week, the mother of one appears to be busy tending to her parental duties.


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