BDS | May 28, 2023

Sagicor Bank gaining traction in Barbados

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Logo of Sagicor Bank (Barbados) Limited. (Photo: Facebook @sagicorbankbb)

Sagicor Bank is creating a buzz in Barbados just two months of ‘opening its doors’ in the Eastern Caribbean territory.

Launched on March 2, Sagicor Bank is reporting an “overwhelming” and “heartening” response from Bajans, who have been taken by the novelty of the newest banking institution on the island. In the last two weeks, Sagicor Bank has seen “a tripling” in sign-ups over the previous weeks.

CEO George Thomas told a press conference on Friday (May 26) that at present the bank has a 98 per cent rating in terms of its net promoter score, meaning of the customers onboard, 98 per cent would recommend the bank to others based on their own experience.

Thomas assured the media that the bank has every confidence in its products and is delighted by the customer uptake so far.

(Photo: Facebook @sagicorbankbb)

He told the press conference held at the bank’s Worthing headquarters that Sagicor pledged to work to try to convert and gain the last two per cent to get to 100 per cent. To this end, Thomas declared that Sagicor Bank did not just arbitrarily come up with its digital model but it was informed by the results of surveys conducted for over a year before launching. 

Echoing the positive sentiment was the bank’s chief client officer, Lee-Anne O’Selmo, who advised that the response has been “very overwhelming,” emphasising that the positive response comes from the fact that the bank has been engaged in a process of continuously listening to the clients and customers to influence its road map.

On the lending side, Sagicor Bank is seeing a “fantastic response from clients” and is working to reduce the time it takes to respond to their clients and update each person individually on his or her loan application.


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