JAM | Mar 18, 2023

Salus Technology, Phoenix Partnership to deploy revolutionary electronic health records system

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Tariq Alli, IDB Caribbean General manager, Twitty-Ann Thomas-Farquharson, COO at Salus Technology Services Ltd, Dr. Christopher Tufton, Minister of Health, Dr. John Parry Clinical Director at TPP, Ashley Brook, Director at TPP and Mark Farquharson, CEO Salus Technology services Limited (Photo: Contributed)

The Phoenix Partnership (TPP) and Salus Technology Services are proud to announce a new partnership aimed at providing the Ministry of Health in Jamaica with an electronic health records system, with Salus Technology Services signing a 15-year managed IT service contract to provide post-implementation support for the new software. 

The partnership brings together two highly respected technology companies, with Salus Technology Services providing local project resources and managed IT services expertise to support the successful deployment of the electronic health records system and TPP to develop and deploy the EHR software.

The electronic health records system to be deployed by the partnership will provide a secure and centralised platform for storing and managing health information of patients in Jamaica. This will enable healthcare providers to access and share medical information, resulting in improved healthcare outcomes for patients across the country. 

The system will also streamline administrative processes, reducing paperwork and enabling more efficient and effective care delivery.

The partnership between TPP and Salus will leverage the expertise of both companies to ensure the successful deployment and ongoing support of the electronic health records system. TPP  has extensive experience in delivering healthcare technology solutions in the UK, Middle East China, Malaysia, and Africa to over 250,000 users and managing over 60 million patient records managed worldwide, Salus Technology Services has a proven track record of delivering innovative IT Solutions managed IT and Networking services to companies in Jamaica Caribbean, and the US.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Salus Technology Services to deliver pre, and post-implementation support of TPP’s SystmOne electronic health record solution to the Ministry of Health in Jamaica,” said Ashley Brook, director at The Phoenix Partnership. “This partnership reflects our commitment to delivering innovative healthcare solutions to improve healthcare delivery in the Caribbean region. With Salus Technology Services’ local managed IT services expertise, we are confident that we can deliver a solution that meets the needs of the Ministry of Health in Jamaica and provide ongoing support to ensure the project’s success.”

“We are thrilled to partner with TPP on this revolutionary and game-changing initiative for Jamaica. The future of healthcare is one where we will now able to use big data analytics for things such as Early Detection and Diagnosis: By analyzing patient data and identifying patterns that will aid to identify patients who are at high risk of developing certain conditions and enabling early intervention and treatment, said Twitty-Ann Thomas, COO for Salus Technology Services “additionally this partnership reflects our commitment to delivering [locally] managed IT services and staff augmentation that will ensure the long-term success of the project. We look forward to working with The Phoenix Partnership to deliver this important project.”

The partnership between The Phoenix Partnership and Salus Technology Services is expected to deliver significant benefits to the Ministry of Health in Jamaica, including improved healthcare outcomes, streamlined administrative processes, and increased efficiency in care delivery, using the data later on for Early Detection Diagnosis, Precision Medicine, help track disease outbreak and population trends among other things. The electronic health records system is expected to be deployed in the coming months, with ongoing support and maintenance provided by Salus Technology Services under the 15-year managed IT service contract.


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